10.23.08 -- Ants

“Ant”, Sarah Symes
ANTS (55D. “Marchers” through the answers to the five starred clues); ANTACID (14A. *Settler in a pharmacy); 21A. *”FANTASY Island”; PHANTOM (37A. *B’way hit beginning in ‘88); ATLANTA (48A. *Where Delta Air Lines is headquartered); and ENCHANT (61A. *Cast a spell over) are the interrelated entries of this Thursday crossword. The five ANTs start at the left of a seven-letter entry and “march” (stepping down) three squares for five entries, ending at the right side of the last. Seven ants in all, 49D. AVANT-dernier is the odd ant out.
Long and long-ISH (36A. It’s like “-like”) entries include BATSMEN (59A. Some cricketers); ETOILES (41D. Study for astronomes); ITERATE (16A. Retell); LARRYHAGMAN (25D. Actress Mary Martin’s actor son); PARTYFOUL (44A. Spilling one’s drink at a shindig, for one); PATSDRY (62A. Gently towels off); RIPTORN (7A. “Men in Black” actor); SPECULATE (30A. Conjecture); SPEEDEE (60A. Bygone McDonald’s mascot); SPINOUT (23D. Indy 500 mishap); STEPFATHERS (3D. Ones joining the family); TELLALL (56A. Like juicy biographies); TRALALA (10D. Refrain from singing?); WEEPERS (17A. Bawl club?).
Mid-size -- APPALS (15D. Consternates: Var.); KAPPAS (19A. Some sorority women); FIRST (5D. Historic event); FLARES (35A. Emergency lights); OAKLEY (45D. Annie with a gun); 28D. San Luis OBISPO; OCEANS (4D. Oodles); OTELLO (26D. Opera set in Cyprus); OVALS (28A. Tracks); POTASH (43D. White, granular powder); RIBEYE (7D. Hearty steak); SNITCH (46D. Teller); SOHOS (46A. Neighborhoods in New York and London); STEELE (40A. Sir Richard who co-founded the Spectator); TESSES (27D. The “Working Girl” girl and others); VIAGRA (53A. Product once pitched by Pelé); VISTAS (29D. Outlooks).
Along with those ANTS, little stuff includes ALER, ALOT (24. Oodles), ASIA, BEN, BITS (33A. Crumbs), CFOS, CHEF, CII, EMIL, EPA, HAWK, HOS, ISAK, ISH, ITEM, LET, NED, NOS and NTH, OAS, OAT (11D. Stable particle), OFT, ONEA, OSSO, PERI, PLY and PYLE, RENO, RLS, RTE, SADD, TALL, TDS, TSP, ULM.
Those few little ants just get lost in the crowd!
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Xword information -- Across: 1. Sounds from Santa; 4. Habitually, for short; 20. Actor Jannings; 34. Year in Trajan’s reign; 39. “Treasure Island” monogram; 42. Western treaty grp.; 47. Italian bone; 50. Dinesen who wrote “Out of Africa”; 63. One in a series; 64. Directory data: Abbr. Down: 1. Peddle; 2. ___-Day; 6. QBs’ scores; 8. Gossip’s subject; 9. Prefix with scope or meter; 12. Interstate sign abbr.; 13. “Nightmare ___,” 1997 Disney animated series; 22. Home to some elephants; 31. Corporate money mgrs.; 32. German city on the Danube; 37. Wield; 38. One way to stand; 51. High-school org.; 52. Yank or Ranger; 54. The Biggest Little City in the World; 56. Cough syrup amt.; 57. DDT banner; 58. Reason for a third serve; 59. Little Joe’s pa on “Bonanza”.

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