10.11.08 -- Goodness!

Face of Mae West Which May Be Used as an Apartment, Salvador Dali, 1935
Goodness! Fun puzzle -- lots to like!
MAEWEST (8A. Who said “A man’s kiss is his signature”) starts this crossword out with a lighthearted touch which continues throughout, accompanied by ENRIQUEIGLESIAS (35A. Singer with the 2000 #1 hit “Be With You”) taking center stage among a cast including (in no particular order) WAYNEGRETZKY (19A. Winner of eight consecutive M.V.P. awards); JOANJETT (28A. One of only two women on Rolling Stone’s list of “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”); LESTAT (37A. Anne Rice’s Brat Prince); KIDS (40A. Swing-set set); SMEAL (44A. Two-time NOW president Eleanor); GALPALS (51A. Bachelorette party attendees); EMIRS (46D. Foreign dignitaries); STOWE (1D. 19th-century abolitionist); ERIKS (10D. Ballet dancer Bruhn and others); ROSSI (25D. Martini’’s partner); JQA (32D. First three-letter White House monogram); SARA (50D. Old-time actress Haden); and MRLEE (43D. 1957 hit for the Bobbettes).
Beyond the puzzle’s personages, other long entries include SHRIMPSCAMPI (49A. Garlicky dish); COTOPAXI (38A. Active Ecuadorean volcano); EROTICISM (20D. Steaminess); STARDATE (7D. Detail in a captain’s log); and GODSPEED (36D. Success).
The four corners of the puzzle contain three sets of seven-letter entries -- upper left, SHTICKS (1A. Routines); TURNOUT (15A. End up); OLEANNA (17A. Play or movie starring William H. Macy) -- upper right MAEWEST; AMRADIO (16A. Source of much talk); NAIROBI (18A. The Green City in the Sun) -- lower left GALPALS, NOSIREE (55A. “Don’t you believe it!”); PLUNDER (57A. Booty) -- lower right, EARLIER (54A. Ago); ERITREA (56A. Where Arabic and Tigrinya are spoken); DAMASKS (58A. Reversible silk fabrics).
Five- and six-letter entries in alphabetical order include 42D. Take AHARD look at and 47D. Sneak APEEK; AMASS (42A. Roll up) and AMAZE (9D. Stagger); ARSON (30D. Bad ignition?); BRINES (33A. Salt baths); CONES (5D. Ben & Jerry’s stock); ESSES (21A. Outsides of sandwiches?); HULAS (2D. Shakes in the grass?); ICEAX (24D. Scaling tool); INANE (4D. Puerile); JELLO (28D. It may still be moving when you eat it); KAISER (40D. Kind of roll); LIRAS (48D. Former capital of Italy); MANIA (23D. Rage); MALTA (45D. It’s north of Libya); MANTIS (8D Cousin of a cockroach); ONEAM (29D. Late late hour); SCRIM (44D. Drop on a stage); TREYS (3D. Small diamonds, say); and the inter-connected SPIN (49D. With 22-Across, prepares to put on the line) DRIES (22A. See 49-Down).
Three- and four-letter -- AOL (52D. Choice for chat); BLTS (33D. They’re made in short order); EDO (12D. Old Far Eastern capital); GNP (51D. Country stat.); LAOS (39A. Where you might be among Hmong); LSU (53D. Sch. whose teams play at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center); MIR (23A. It was made to fall in 2001); NITS (31D. Small carps); OMN (41A. Every, to a pharmacist); REO (34D. Runabout or Royale); SIB (13D. Person in a tree, briefly) TOI (14D. Parisian pronoun); TUET (26D. German: Abbr.); WARY (11D. Gun-shy); WISP (27D. Thin fragment); TAOS (26A. Southwestern resort community); WACO (27A. Dr. Pepper Museum locale); and this puzzle’s oddest entry/clue -- 6D. “KUNG Pow! Enter the Fist” (2002 spoof film).
To end, the original trailer for “I’m No Angel” with the legend -- MAE WEST!
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