10.24.08 -- You and I

Between You and I,
Anthony McCall
You and I are confronted today by four challenging corners with three ten-letter entries each, the main feature of this Friday crossword. Upper left across: JULIACHILD (1. Subject of the 1989 musical monologue “Bon AppĂ©tit!”); IRONMAIDEN (15. Old torturer); MICRONESIA (17. Country whose capital is Palikir). Upper right down: AMERICANME (12D. 1992 film directed by and starring Edward James Olmos); KARLMALDEN (13. Warden player in “Birdman of Alcatraz”); STREAMLINE (14. Simplify). Lower right down: HOTTAMALES (27. Sexy numbers); EXHILARATE (28. Send); SLEEPERCAR (29. Berth place). Lower right across: ONECALORIE (60. It’s easy to burn); DEADRINGER (65. Twin); STRIKEZONE (67. Thing to swing from).
Who is that?: In addition to Julia Child, Karl Malden, Edward James Olmos, hot tamales and a dead ringer, this puzzle gives us a bevy of personages, real and unreal -- SATAN (11D. Bad lover?) and AMOUR (5D. Reason for a tryst); TINYTOT (25D. One taking a first step), a TIO (32D. Cancun kinsman) and SIBS (30D. Young rivals, often). ANNIEHALL (36A. Oscar winner after “Rocky”) and a BEATNIK (23D. Unconventional sort).
Who else?: There’s a ROBOT (22A. Worker that never gets tired) to keep the iron maiden company, and a CANTOR (6D. One whose lead is followed in the service) for the congregation which also includes -- FONZ (55D. Sitcom guy with a frequently upturned thumb, with “the”); KATEY (50A. “Married … With Children” actress Sagal); MAEVE (48A. Novelist Binchy); the PEALES (35D. Family of 18th- and 19th-century painters); PRMEN (43A. Guys who make people look good); URIS (2D. “O’Hara’s Choice” novelist, 2003); and a YALIE (51D. Supporter of the mascot Handsome Dan) -- more company? -- there’s SAKS (11A. Gimbel contemporary); SEARLE (20A. Company that developed NutraSweet); HESS (27A. Big name in oil); TODS (53D. High-end shoe and handbag maker).
What‘s left?: ANIMA (26A. Jung’s feminine side); ASKOUT (19A. Start to court); THEBEST (38A. Tops); EASEUP (21D. Fall off); LAIDON (45A. Applied, as paint); NEWARK (46D. Home of the University of Delaware); OXLIP (34A. Yellow primrose); TIESAKNOT (41A. Does some macramĂ© work); and VESTA (49D. Third-largest asteroid).
The short stuff: ALP, AMAT, CAM, CDI, DNAS (10D. Strands of biology), EAR (62D. A hoop may be attached to it), ERGO, ETAT, HIE, IDS, INRO, JIMA, LACS, LEI (10D. Strand on an island?), LOCK, MENE, NET (61D. It‘s attached to a hoop), ODA, OMN, RIEN, SERA and SERE, SKA, TERR.
A puzzle with plenty of company, including YOUANDI (40A. We)!
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Xword information -- Across: 16. Latin trio member; 18. Union member of the future: Abbr.; 33. Spying aid; 44. View from the Arlberg Pass; 47. Bit of biblical graffiti; 59. Geneve and others; 64. Target of un coup; 66. Evening for Evangelo. Down: 1. Chichi-___ (largest of Japan’s Bonin Islands); 3. Sure winner; 4. Obi accessory; 7. Rush; 8. Some bracelets; 24. Every, in prescriptions; 37. Vitiate; 39. Calypso relative; 56. Sum lead-in; 57. Zip around France?; 58. Sun-damaged; 63. Century-beginning year.

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