10.05.08 -- TYPO

ACCURACY (8D. Precision) takes a back seat in today’s crossword. Each of the following entries have the word TYPO within the answer and a faux typographical error in the clue:
TWENTYPOUNDNOTE (28A. *Common Guernsey bull), bull should be bill;
PRETTYPOISON (41A. *1968 firm featuring a murderous cheerleader), firm s/b film;
CITYPOLICE (46A *Urban farce), farce s/b force;
CELEBRITYPOKER (61A. *Where stars can be fluffing and folding), fluffing s/b bluffing;
DIRTYPOOL (71A. *What theaters play), theaters s/b cheaters;
UNIVERSITYPOST (79A. *Bean, e.g.), bean s/b dean;
TREATYPORT (97A. * Onetime regal status of Shanghai or Canton), regal s/b legal;
PARTYPOOPERS (98A. *Get blankets), get s/b wet;
PUBLICITYPOSTERS (111A. * Novice in an ad campaign), novice s/b notice;
PENALTYPOINTS (41D. *Bad drivers back them up), back s/b rack.
I didn’t like the premise of a “typo” in each clue, not having uncovered TYPO (117D. What each starred clue -- and its answer -- contains) until the very end of the solution. It just made for stupid clues -- no "typo" was evident. Oh sure, it’s clever, having a hidden TYPO within the aforementioned entries and a faux typo in each of their clues -- but the fake typo is simply confusing -- upon completing the crossword, oh yeah I get it. Pure drudgery! What’s more, there’s extra puzzle with a 23x23 instead of 21x21 square diagram -- more to slog through! O.K., rant over!
Other entries of length include AMARILLO (120A. Home of the Cadillac Ranch); ATTESTED (14A. Certified); BUSTARHYMES (78D. “Pass the Courvoisier” rapper); DATAFLOW (124A. Computer information path); ELEGISTS (127A. Thomas Gray and others); INCLOVER (45D. On easy street); IRONALLOY (50A. Stainless steel, for one); PETITGRIS (94A. Snail variety whose name means “small gray”); PORTRAIT (27A. Hanging over many a mantel); PRERINSE (94D. Makes ready for the dishwasher); PRESUMES (93D. Takes for granted); PROFORMA (24A. Perfunctory); RICEBELT (87A. Region including Texarkana); SERVEOUT (64D. Complete, as a Senate term); SPATLESE (13D. German wine made from the late harvest); STOPYELLING (7D. “Pipe down!”); USTROOPS (89A. G.I.’s); VITALITY (58A. Life).
The remainder across: 1. Seafood dishes, PAELLAS; 8. ACROSS the board; 22. Socrates or Pythagoras, e.g., ANCIENTS; 23. Mangle by mastication, CHEWUP; 25. Lower part of a duet, SECONDO; 26. Showing concern, CINEMA; 31. Flower parts, PISTILS; 32. West Flanders site of three W.W. I battles, YPRES; 33. Lid attachment, LASH; 35. “Ally McBeal” co-star Lucy LIU; 36. Composer Charles IVES; 40. Ones being tested, BETAS; 48. Studio supporter, EASEL; 49. Destination for Mary and Joseph, INN; 51. INNER ear; 52. Whopper topper, KETCHUP; 56. See 47-Down; 57. Hiccup, SNAG; 59. Hwys., RDS; 60. Shore birds, ERNS; 64. Kensington kiss, SNOG; 65. Hair line?, PART; 66. Verdant stretches, LEAS; 67. VERO Beach, Fla.; 68. Gallic toppers, BERETS; 73. One of Luther’s 95, THESIS; 75. Look lasciviously; LEER; 76 IONE Skye of “Say Anything…”; 77. What “matar” means on an Indian menu; PEAS; 78. Great Trek trekker; BOER; 83. Russian diet?, DUMA; 84. Badge awarder: Abbr., BSA; 88. Mexican waterways, RIOS; 91. Serve well, BEHOOVE; 92. Goes on “Wheel of Fortune?”, SPINS; 95. Bygone P.M. with a palindromic name, UNU; 967. “Ville d’Avray” painter, COROT; 102. Presides over as a judge, HEARS; 103. Pizzeria chain, familiarly, UNOS; 104. “Is that ANO?”; 105. Apple cores?: Abbr., CPUS; 106. Pulitzer-winning journalist Seymour HERSH; 107. “Swept Away” director Guy RITCHIE; 122. Word with aunt or voyage, MAIDEN; 123. “Heavens to Betsy!”, MERCYME; 125. “Rama Lama Ding Dong” singers, with “the” EDSELS; 126. Broke out, ESCAPED; 128. Drug company once headed by Donald Rumsfeld, SEARLE; 129. Fixed motor parts, STATORS.
PATENT (47D. Kind of examiner 56-Across was) crosses EINSTEIN (56A. See 47-Down) uniting the across entries with the downs, which I’ll just skip and blame it on a very large typo!!!
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Xword Info -- Down: 1. Events gone by; 2. From square one; 3. “___ homo”; 4. Columbia athlete; 5. Mardi Gras follower; 6. Roy Rogers sidekick Devine; 9. Takeout option; 10. Tears; 11. Wilson of “The Darjeeling Limited”; 12. Sport for rakish; 14. “Killer” program; 15. Showcase item; 16. Some shapes in topology; 17. New newts; 18. Ilk; 19. Ski runs, e.g.; 20. Designer Pucci; 21. Old car with the slogan “We are driven”; 29. Sunroof and spoilers, e.g.; 30. Gourmand; 34. N.L. Central team: Abbr.; 36. Less welcoming; 37. Strongly green; 38. Short jackets for boys; 39. Roget offerings: Abbr.; 40. Short jackets for women; 42. 1 to 10, say; 43. Godliness; 51. Like xenon; 52. Little foxes; 53. Snaps back?; 54. Places to develop; 55. Ones who are always starting something?; 57. Chilling: Var.; 58. Apothecary container; 62. Swells up; 63. Vintage autos; 65. Pub order; 68. Jacket material; 69. Start of a counting rhyme; 70. Clinton’s first labor secretary; 71. Terse order; 72. Chihuahua change; 74. Robust; 76. Getaway locale; 80. Key shade; 81. Juice; 82. Rap sheet listing; 83. How the Great Sphinx looks; 84. The fifth element; 85. Gerald’s predecessor; 86. Staff members: Abbr.; 90. Forerunner of the K.G.B.; 92. Absorb, in a way; 96. Filch; 97. 2000 Jennifer Lopez thriller; 98. Weekly with 30+ million circulation; 99. ___ instincts; 100. Shift, in volleyball; 101. Monkey predator; 106. Playground quarry; 108. Escarpment; 109. Spinner for the Spinners; 110. They’re no good; 112. Invited; 113. Alaska senator Murkowski; 114. Mole, e.g.; 115. 1977 flick with the tagline “Terror just beneath the surface”; 115. “Git!”; 118. Part of FEMA: Abbr.; 119. Cabernets, e.g.; 121. Little yelps.

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