10.31.08 -- Easy Does It!

“Easy Does It” For the 2-Toed Sloth
Friday, October 31, 2008
Puzzle by Jim Page, edited by Will Shortz
“Easy does it!” is the clue for both of the intersecting entries of 6-Down, WHATSTHEBIGRUSH and 33-Across, TAKEADEEPBREATH -- and might also be advice to the solver of today’s crossword, as easy doesn’t do it! Notwithstanding the grueling mystery of two 15-letter entries with the Shortzesque clues of “Easy does it!“ which could be any remark one might spout, decent or obscene, there are also four corners of eight-letter trios with somewhat vague clues, making this truly hard-core Friday fare!
Confused? Upper right across: WHOCARES (6. Unenthusiastic response); HANDMADE (16. Like friendship bracelets); AGELIMIT (18. Club restriction). Upper left down: ADAMWEST (1D. Actor voicing the mayor on “Family Guy”); DAMEEDNA (2D. Aussie with purple hair and ornate glasses); OVERBOOK (3D. Be too reserved?). Lower right down: ASKABOUT (36D. Try to get dirt on, say); TOILETTE (37D. Process of grooming and dressing oneself); HUNTRESS (38D. Artemis or Atalanta). Lower left across: HONOLULU (54A. Literally, “sheltered harbor”); OPERATES (58A. Does some body work?); SISSYISH (60A. Far from macho).
Lonely? Personages in the puzzle include DAVIES (14A. Companion of Hearst at San Simeon castle); 26A. Maestro EDO de Waart; SGT (48A. Private instructor: Abbr.); Adam West, Dame Edna, Artemis and Atalanta, HAGAR (7D. Sammy nicknamed “The Red Rocker”), NORRIS (42A. “Good Guys Wear Black” star, 1978); ISAO (45A. Golfer Aoki), Emperor Marcian, the SETONS (13D. Sisters of Charity founder and family); a SABRA (29D. Nazareth native, e.g.); AMENRA (17A. Dualistic deity); MUTI (51D. Longtime La Scala music director); KIN (46A. Blood); and a fine pair -- MEREMORTAL (19A. Ordinary human being) with MORALFIBER (51A. Strength of character).
Hungry? PASTA (35D. With 29-Across, picnic dishes) SALADS (29A. See 35-Down) head the food group which includes NACHOS (42D. Some chips) and NOSH (31A. Little something), FETA (53D. Topping on Mediterranean pizza), SODAS (28D. Ballpark concessionaire’s offerings), 30A. Hostess’s SNO Balls, a MALT (49A. Drink with a straw) and STOUTS (59A. Some porters).
What else is there? Across: ADOPT (1. Take in); ATO (21. Z preceder); WEBS (22. Signs of disuse); ISR (23. Big exporter of diamonds: Abbr.); BADEN (24. Black Forest resort); 27. “ISNT It Grand, Boys” (Irish standard); ARE (32. Equal); ABA (39. Grp. For counselors); BARI (40. Capital of the Apulia region); SOU (41. Not much at all) and 47. Not worth ACENT; CTN (50. Box: Abbr.); DENOTE (57. Mean); ARTES (61. Cultural doings in Cadiz). Down: PINES (4D. Languishes); TERM (5D. Stretch in a seat); ONEL (8. 1977 memoir set at Harvard); CDL (9. Year Marcian became emperor); AMI (10. Bud abroad); RAMADA (11. Open-sided porch); EDITED (12. Made a long story short?); 20. RINSE cycle; 24. BARRIO (24. Chicago’s Little Village, e.g.); ALEE (25. Out of harm’s way, in a way); INABIT (27. Presently); EARN (34. Win); OCTOPI (43. They have many suction cups); RENNES (44. Capital of the Brittany region); SOLES (48. Ones underfoot?); MINOR (49. Hardly worth mentioning); LDS (52. Church with elders: Abbr.); ORS (55. Connecting words in logic); LAY (56. Spend, with “out”).
For anything else…well, easy does it!
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