10.30.08 -- Lights, Camera, Action!

Director Erich von Stroheim
Puzzle by Chuck Hamilton, edited by Will Shortz
DIRECTORSSHOUT (56A. What the ends of 20-, 35- and 42-Across are, collectively), along with NORTHERNLIGHTS (20A. So-called “fox fires”); VIDEOCAMERA (35A. Recording device); and CLASSACTION (42A. Certain lawsuit), are the interrelated entries of this Thursday crossword.
Ready for action are CFOS (19A. Money bigwigs, for short); a COOT (37D. Codger); COSTAS (4D. Longtime NBC Olympics host); 46A. Mother EARTH; ELMO (10A. Patron saint of sailors); OTIS (36D. Johnny with the 1958 hit “Willie and the Hand Jive”), ROMEO (61A. “See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand!” speaker); SEUSS (49A. Who’s creator); SHUE (43D. “Leaving Las Vegas” actress); SNEAD (23A. Three-time P.G.A. Championship winner); 9. “Wake Up Little SUSIE”; 60A. TONI Sailer, three-time gold medalist; and whoever’s not in REHAB (48D. Detox centers).
The action also includes two pairs of plural/singular Shortzesque clues, BARNS (1D. Stock holders) and STORE (51D. Stock holder); along with FOLKS (5A. Parents) and REAR (58D. Parent) with a smattering of conversation -- ADIEU (15A. Godspeed) and SCRAM (50D. “Hit the road!”); NOLIE (53D. “I mean it!”); IMOK (66A. Reassuring words after an accident).
Long LEFTOVERS (11D. Take-home?) include ASTERISK (39D. Record follower, at times), EACHTIME (10D. On every single occasion); TEARSINTO (34D. Lambastes); followed in length by five-letter entries, alphabetically -- ARIAS (64A. “Mi chiamano Mimi” and others); DENTS (52A. List in an insurance report, maybe); DOMES (18A. Yosemite rock features); GUSTO (40A. Elan); KEELS (8D. Falls [over]); LIVID (29A. Infuriated); METRO (67A. Big city newspaper desk); ORION (2D. Night sky feature); OSTER (47A. Kitchen gadget brand); PESTO (28D. Penne topper); SCORE (3D. Get the point?); SEATO (24A. Intl. org. dismantled in 1977); STARK (55D. Desolate); STREP (25A. Penicillin target); TUTEE (54D. Socratic student).
Extras: AEON, ALTA, ARCO, ARTS (63A. Big area of philanthropy, with “the“), ASEA, BIER, BOSC, DATE, DORM, EDUC, ERAT, FADE, GALA, HDTV (21A. Modern show shower), IRAS, ISLA, LIMN, MOOS, NEDS, ODOR (6D. Repute), OMIT, ONS, PACE, PIT, RIGA, RIOS, SEEK, SOSO, SSE, TAI.
Here’s the final cut!
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“All right Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up!“ Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond, “Sunset Boulevard”, 1950
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Xword information -- Across: 1. Fruit variety with a sweet-spiced flavor; 10. Patron saint of sailors; 14. ____ Arena (Kings’ home); 16. Geological range; 17. Uruguay and Paraguay; 32. Outdoor cooking spot; 38. Having shipped out; 41. “In principio ___ Verbum”; 62. B.C. neighbor; 65. Resting place; 68. Car radio mode. Down: 5. Wane; 7. Represent by drawing; 12. Calls to farmers; 13. Carry-___; 22. Certain ballroom event; 26. European capital; 27. Cabinet dept.; 32. A sergeant might ask soldiers to pick it up; 33. Espanola, for one; 44. ___ Point Lighthouse, Massachusetts landmark since 1838; 56. R.A.’s place; 57. Rule out; 59. Blah; 60. James Cavell’s “___-Pan”.

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