10.04.08 -- Imagination

An apt quotation, contained in three 13-letter entries -- IMAGINATIONIS (20A. Start of an Einstein quote that holds true when solving clever crosswords) MOREIMPORTANT (34A. Middle of the quote) THANKNOWLEDGE (50A. End of the quote) -- comprises this crossword’s cheerful wink at the solver.
Certainly, it doesn’t require knowledge, but a good amount of imagination for answers to such clues as 1A. “Sweet!” (OHBOY); 22A. Doesn’t fall short (MAKESIT); 39A. Most ready (RIPEST); 47A. Something often read from (LECTERN); 57. Treat unjustly (WRONG); 58A. Unable to part? (BALD); 60A. Smart (NATTY); 9D. Get back (RECOUP); 11D. Relays (PASSESON); 19D. Gets down (INGESTS); 25D. Questionnaire info (SEX); 28D. Drain (EMPTY); 30D. Strains (TRIESHARD); 32D. One might refuse to shake hands (SORELOSER); 35D. Making the rounds (ONPATROL); 46D. Some kitchen waste (SKINS); 48D. Performer with a big mouth? (CLOWN); the two Shortzesque clues of 42D. Burning (REDHOT) and 43D. Burning (URGENT); and 16A. Rover’s watcher (NASA) followed by 17A. Rover’s reward (TREAT), etc.
However, imagination coupled with knowledge is required for 1D. Bests (OPTIMA); 3D. Pool openings (BREAKS); 5D. Some unsubstantiated sightings (YETIS); 6D. Knights, e.g. (MENATARMS); 10D. Parts of many military uniforms (INSIGNIAS); 36D. Esquire’s plea? (RENEW); 10A. Mini, e.g. (IPOD); 23A. Chicken choice (NUGGETS); 52A. Unpleasant rules to be under (TYRANNIES);56A. Trix alternative? (ENNE).
It’s fair to say that knowledge is required, but without it one might use one’s imagination, for such entries as 14A. Inherently (PERSE); 15A. Europe’s third-largest island (EIRE); 18A. Self-absorbed individual (NARCISSUS); 29A. Thought about Paris? (PENSEE); 30A. Gas usage units (THERMS); 33A. North Dakota Fighting SIOUX; 38A. Type A problem (STRESS); 54A. Check box choice (OTHER); 7D. Order (FIAT); 44D. It can be conserved (ENERGY).
Knowledge with less imagination is useful for the likes of 6A. “Dial MFOR Murder”; 37A. Guardian spirits (GENII); 41A. Far Eastern capital (YEN); 42A. Scented, medicinal plant (RUE); 45A. Originator of the phrase “Pandora’s box” (ERASMUS); 55A. Antony’s love (AMOR); 59A. Scene of W.W. I fighting (YSER); 2D. “Hello, Dolly!” composer (HERMAN); 4D. County in Kansas, Missouri or Oklahoma (OSAGE); 8D. Hatch in Washington (ORRIN); 12. Pac-10’s Beavers: Abbr. (OSU); 13D. Zeitung article (DAS); 21D. Some W.W. II internees (NISEI); 24. Ger. (TEUT); 31. Big honor for a college athlete (HEISMAN); 34. Head of state who resigned in 1974 (MEIR); 37. M.A. hopeful’s hurdle (GRE); 40. Writer of “A Man Must Fight,” 1932 (TUNNEY); 49d. Fourfront? (TETRA); 51D. Bogotá baby (NENE); 52D. Indexing aid (TAB).
Imagination is trumped by pure useless knowledge for 53D. Singer who appeared with Charlton in “Secret of the Incas” (YMA); however, its' common anagram, the unimaginative AMY possesses a much broader range of clues and requires a lot less knowledge. Of course, there’s always the likes of 26A. R.S.V.P., e.g.: Abbr. (INS) and 27A. R.S.V.P. facilitator: Abbr. (SAE) -- if senseless nonsense means anything at all!
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