10.25.08 -- Are We Alone?

Whisper, Mandaly Louis-Charles
An AFICIONADO (11D. Buff) of who’s who crosswords might take well to this Saturday puzzle -- ARSENE (42D. Sherlock’s French counterpart); BLEDEL (7D. “Gilmore Girls” co-star Alexis); CHEGUEVARA (41A. “Guerrilla Warfare” author, 1961); ESSIE (30D. Davis who played Maggie in two “Matrix” movies); ILIA (24A. Princess in Mozart’s “Idomeneo”); IRENEADLER (14A. Opera singer created by Arthur Conan Doyle); JABBA (5A. Captor of Han Solo); JAMESJOYCE (5D. Writer of the 1918 play “Exiles”); KRAUSE (32D. “Six Feet Under” star Peter); LIAT (46D. Joe’s love interest in “South Pacific”); 43A. Jazzman MOSE Allison; RONA (50D. First name in Hollywood gossip); SHERA (59A. He-Man’s twin sister); TARAREID (19A. Player of Danni Sullivan on “Scrubs”); TUPAC (25D. First name in rap).
Other long entries -- AREWEALONE (54A. Conspirator’s cautious conversation starter); CIRCUMVENT (17A. Bypass); EARTHSHINE (26D. Faint illumination of the moon’s dark side); JACKANAPES (12D. Whippersnapper); JELLYSTONE (28A. Park in Ranger Smith’s charge); SANANTONIO (57A. Home of Our Lady of the Lake University); YERBABUENA (29D. Trailing evergreen related to savory).
Mid-size -- ADVISES (6D. Steers); ARABLE (45A. Not too rocky, say); ATTRACT (37A. Exert some pull); BASALTIC (10D. Like some lava); ENCAMP (4D. Bivouac); IRAQWAR (39D. Tony Blair advocated it); LISTEN (21D. Obey); MOSSES (22A. They may cover rocks); ORGANIST (35D. One may play at a ballpark); PRIORY (34A. Religious house); RECAPS (36A. They lack details); RETINAS (33A. Cone holders); SLACKS (20A. Cords, e.g.); SQUIRREL (49A. Brunswick stew ingredient).
Short stuff -- AFAR, ARIA, ARKS and ARTS, BAJA, BEN, CCUP (47D. Measure of support?), CITI, DEI, ENID, EURO, IBN, KOS, LASS, PATE; PEST, PICT, RAH, SICK, SLR, SRAS, TADS, TERP and TERR, TVA, UAE, UNES and a couple of LEOS (52D. Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to the stars?).
Is there someone else?
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Xword information -- Across: 1. Spread choice; 10. ___ 1000, annual Mexican off-road race; 16. Well out of range; 18. Twisted; 25. College Park player, briefly; 31. Trucial States, today: Abbr.; 32. Decks; 39. Generational indicator in some names; 40. “Ad majorem ___ gloriam” (Jesuit motto); 44. Many Mexicanas: Abbr.; 53. Bank opening?; 56. French “some,” with “les”; 58. Starling, e.g. Down: 1. Roman’s foe of yore; 2. 24-Across’s “Zeffiretti lusinghieri,” e.g.; 3. Apt. amenity; 8. Big ___; 9. They may be patronized; 13. Refuges; 23. Professional shooter, briefly; 38. Knoxville-based org.; 48. Sweetheart; 51. Vance Air Force Base locale; 55. Sound from a bowl.

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