10.16.08 -- WOE

The Chicago Cubs, 1907
With the addition of a C, an L and an A, three baseball teams become crossword puzzle EXPANSIONTEAMS (48A. 20-, 25- and 42-Across, so to speak) -- HOUSTONCASTROS (20A. Some Cubans in Texas?); CHICAGOCLUBS (25A. Where hot jazz developed?); and NEWYORKMEATS (42A. Broadway deli offerings?). One lone expansion team is indeed alone -- LONERANGER (29D. Silver topper?), representing that other Texas real-life expansion team strangely denied a mention at 48-Across! Hey wait, and the Cubbies just celebrated 100 years of something! Ah, well!
ENTOMOLOGY (6D. Buggy field?) leads the remaining longer entries which include AMMETER (41D. Current measurer); BEESWAX (5D. Affairs, slangily); ETRUSCAN (4D. Pre-Roman Roman); NEATENS (42D. Put in order); SLOTHS (10D. They often go out on a limb); and THESAUCE (38D. Alcohol, slangily).
This is yet a another puzzle with quite a few five-letter entries -- CALEB (1A. Joshua’s companion, in the Old Testament); CONGO (28D. River below the Boyoma Falls); DONNE (37A. “Go, and catch a falling star” poet); ECARD (60A. Greeting in an in-box); ERROR (12D. Unwanted computer message); IXNAY (45D. “Uh-uh”); NEATH (44D. Under, to a poet); NISEI (44A. Japanese immigrant’s child); OHARE (24A Western end of I-190 near I-294); RELAX (31A. Untighten) and LOOSE (32A. Untight); PASSE (13D. So last week); RESET (63A. Zero out); ROGGE (40A. International Olympics chief Jacques); SCARE (17A. Curl the hair of); SPERM (46D. Kind of whale); TIARA (11D. Piece among the crown jewels); TRITE (14A. Done to death); TUBED (56A. Floated downstream, in a way).
However, four-letter entries dominate with AIMS (47A. Ends); 54A. Without ANET (unsafely); ANTE (59A. Start a hand, maybe); ARCH (2D. Cunning); AREA (33D. Measurement with square units); CREW (25D. Rowers); ELMS (6A. Historical mansion in Newport, R.I., with “the”); ERIN (36A. “The emerald of Europe”); GOAT (34D. Billy, e.g.); HERO (26D. Purple Heart recipient); HYMN (61A. “Day is Dying in the West,” for one); IONO (50D. Prefix with sphere); 27A. “Would ILIE?”; LIAO (3D. Ancient dynasty of northern China); LIRA (16A. Former currency of Vatican City); LONG (55A. How some quarterbacks go); LOON (7D. Wacko); MARC (8D. Playwright Connelly); MBAS (52D. Wharton degs.); MOOR (62A. Heath); NOAH (15A. Flood survivor); OARS (19A. What some use to ply their craft?); ODDS (35D. They may be even, ironically); 51D. “I’m ONTO you!”; REIN (40D. Pull back [in]); SERE (53D. Desiccated); SHIA (9D. Division of Islam); SLAM (49D. Dis); SOBE (22D. Beverage brand whose logo is two lizards); STEP (10A. Stone at a stream crossing: SWAM (23A. Took a dip); TARE (58A. Wrapper weight); TORI (18A Holey things); TROD (38A. Put one’s foot down).
There are but a half-dozen three-letter entries -- AGO, CTS, DDT, KIT, TAG, and WOE (39A. Heartbreak).
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EDIE (Adams) -- a crossword entry favorite until the now more frequently clued EDIE (Falco).

Edie Adams, Actress and Singer (and Flirt With a Cigar), Dies at 81

The New York Times, October 16, 2008

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