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Sunday, October 12, 2008

CHANGE OF HEART, Puzzle by Rich Norris, edited by Will Shortz

Anagrams can be fun -- or not! In the case of this Sunday crossword, which contains three- and four-letter samples in the center (thus the "heart" of the puzzle‘s given title) of seven of the puzzle’s longer entries, they mostly land with a duth (my own version of thud)… stew/west, arts/star, god/dog, pots/post, cool/loco, thing/night (that’s the good one) and lime/mile. Justifying the "changes", wry clues are provided, all punctuated by a question mark.

DUTCH STEW INDIES (23. Low-budget films about hearty European meals?); LONE ARTS STATE (33. Where hermit painters retire?); SHAGGY GOD STORY (42. Biography of Odin, e.g.?); GENERAL POTS OFFICE (69. Place to go for kitchenware?); IN COOL PARENTIS (95. How beatniks raise kids?); ONE THING STAND (103. Étagère with a single tiny shelf?); THREE LIME ISLAND (116. Where citrus trees grow in small groups?).

The remainder of the crossword continues with a labored feel sporting familiar entries and evasive clues:

Across: 1. Sudden increase; 6. Jacks, e.g.; 10. Wallop; 14.
Fancy footwear; 19. Up in the air; 20. Object of a mil. Search; 21. Deserve special perks, say; 22. Georges who wrote “Life: A User’s Manual”; 26. Even things; 27. Conductor ESA-Pekka Salonen; 28. Page with views; 29. Organ repair sites, briefly; 30. Some crew members; 32. Hip-hop’s LIL Kim; 36. “Impossible” response to the question “Are you sleeping?”; 39. “I’m not quite done yet”; 41. Bone: Prefix; 46. Traffic directors; 50. Say without saying?; 51. One to one, e.g.; 52. Bring (in) abundantly; 54. Pinza of “South Pacific”; 55. Bones that support tibiae; 56. German beef?; 58. Family dinner; 62. Eva’s half sister?; 63. Fingered; 64. Zinger; 66. Say A is not A, say; 67. College cohorts; 73. Ivory or Coast; 75. Grp. that includes Canada and Colombia; 76. Hardware fastener; 77. It’s taken by some coll. Seniors; 80. It may be stroked; 81. Used; 84. A little extra burnishing, maybe, in brief; 86. E.R. part: Abbr.; 86. Ltr. Holders; 88. Picard’s counselor on “Star Trek: T.N.G.; 89. Narrow inlet; 91. Supermarket section; 92. Recital list; 99. Decide to take part; 101. Make more tempting, as a deal; 102. Worked (up); 108. Be in a cast; 109. Frequent drivers; 110. Butt; 111. Protestor; 112. Semi-attached compartment?; 115. Stash; 121. Richards : Moore :: Grant : ASNER; 122. Slate, for one; 123. “The Virginian” author Wister; 124. Hardly laid-back; 125. Mythical enchantress; 126. Explodes; 127. Agent with many girls; 128. White and wet.

Down: 1.
Nigerian-born singer with five Top 40 hits; 2. Grade elevator; 3. Wee bit; 4. “Original or crispy” offered; 5. Study of natural animal behavior patterns; 6. Drop leaf support; 76. Staggered; 8. Take some off the top?; 9. Skull and Bones meeting attendee; 10. Rapper with a professional title; 11. Mrs. Gorbachev; 12. 4 x 4, briefly; 13. Infatuates; 14. Less dense; 15. Place to find a long-term companion, maybe; 16. Oven emanation; 17. Precept; 18. Embarrassing outbreak; 24. Like cacti; 25. Chamber work; 31. Fictional clue sniffer; 33. California city where A & W root beer was born; 34. Skater Brian; 35. Chicago journalist Mike; 36. Last Supper question; 37. Rashad of football; 38. City NW of Minneapolis; 40. Lepidopterous movie monster; 43. Moves quietly; 44. Once around; 45. Hardest to get; 47. 13-time Gold Glove-winning shortstop; 48. Learned; 49. In order (to); 53. Sharp scolding; 56. Something very touch; 57. Cover in a layer; 59. “How can ILOSE?”; 60. Ceylon’s capital?; 61. French pronoun; 65. Soothe, in a way, as a burn; 68. “American Pie” songwriter; 70. Queue before Q; 71. Banker’s worry; 72. Ready to run later; 73. When repeated, “Out of the way!; 74. Latin lambs; 78. Raptor’s roost; 79. Date not marked on a calendar?; 82. Circular gasket; 83. Inundate; 87. With no adverse consequences; 90. Old TV’s “ILED Three Lives”; 91. Numbers, at times; 93. Subject of a 2004 F.D.A. dietary supplement ban; 94. Disturbance; 96. Missouri feeder; 97. Done; 98. Straight: Prefix; 100. Marching smartly; 103. Archaic Irish script; 104. Hanger?; 105. Kenyan grazer; 106. Deep six; 107. 1970s-’80s supermodel; 111. “So be it”; 112. Family head; 113. Over; 114. Celebration time, for short; 117. Grp. With a co-pay; 118. High ball; 119. Noted war photo site, briefly; 120. Reagan adviser LYN Nofziger.

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