10.09.08 -- Little Devils

Imp -- detail from The Nightmare, Henry Fuseli 1782
Seven squares of this crossword contain the word IMP clued by LITTLEDEVILS (52A. Mischief-makers [you’ll find seven of them in the answer grid]).
The across entries containing the culprits -- PIMPLY (16. Broken out, in a way); LONGTERMIMPACT (19. Effects seen down the road); SKIMPON (22. Be stingy with); MISSIONIMPOSSIBLE (37. TV series that’s now a film franchise); IMPEACH (45. Call into question); IMPALE (55. Spear); IMPROV (66. Spontaneous skits).
The down entries -- CHIMP (2D. Curious George, for one); WRITINGIMPLEMENTS (7. Quills, sometimes); BLIMPS (15. Sights at many football games); IMPASSE (24. Deadlock); TIGERSHRIMP (33. Seafood cocktail ingredient); IMPEL (45. Drive forward); GLIMPSE (46. See for a second).
The remaining longer entries include ABSENT (8D. Out); CEYLONESE (4D. Like some black tea); DEDUCE (44D. Figure out); MUNGBEAN (6D. Legume used to produce sprouts); OBLIVION (39D. Nowhereness); SETUPS (32A. Frame jobs); STEEDS (40A. Chargers).
Five letters -- AMWAY (5A. Direct sales giant); CURBS (14A. Restraints); ANISE (17A. Liqueur flavoring); ATLAS (48D. Rockefeller Center figure); BUNIN (56A. Russian Literature Nobelist Ivan); ENTER (28A. Type on a computer); ERTES (51A. Popular Art Deco prints); GRAIL (46A. Sought-after object); HOYAS (10D. Big East basketball powerhouse); IDYLL (38D. Tennyson work); KRAIT (23D. Banded snake); MERCI (11D. Polite Parisian’s response); MORES (21D. Customs); ORATE (12D. Deliver a stemwinder); OSSIE (26A. Hollywood’s Davis); PLACE (35D. Almost win); RIALS (47D. Muscat money); SETHS (36D. Green and Rogen of comedies); STEMS (22D. Sap sites); 27A. TRANS fat; UBOAT (34D. Destroyer hunter); YESNO (65A. Offering a stark choice); YODEL (43A. Peak performance?).
Four -- 5D. Open ACAN of worms; ACDC (1A. Rock band with the triple-platinum album “High Voltage”); BOER (15A. Orange Free State settler); EASE (30A. Peace of mind); EBAY (53D. Web site with PowerSellers); ESSO (29D. Petro-Canada competitor); GOAT (42A. Faun, in part); HEEL (57A. Darned spot, often); 54D. INNO time; ITEM (49D. List unit); LYRA (18A Constellation with a music related name); RAGU (63A. Sauce maker); SHOE (13A. Something sold in half sizes); 61A. Poetry SLAM; SOSO (31D. Passable); YSER (9D. Nieuwpoort’s river).
Three -- ASP, BIN, DOL, EAR, EGO, EMI, ESS, HMO, LBO, LUV, ONS, SAG, and, of course, IMP.
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