11.21.09 -- Abyssinia

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Saturday, November 21, 2009
Puzzle by Gary J. Whitehead, edited by Will Shortz
The usual Saturday -- variety, mystery and sadistic duplicity.
Across: 1. Increase business, RAMP UP SALES; 12. Green line, SAVE THE PLANET; 14. Party lighting option, JAPANESE LANTERN; 16. Minister at a wedding, e.g., UNITER; 17. Took a chance, RISKED IT; 18. Brains’ gains, IDEAS; 19. Touched, BATS; 20. Local theater, slangily, NABE; 21. “The Emperor’s Snuff-Box” novelist, CARR; 22. Company dinner, MESS; 23. Sphere’s lack, EDGES; 24. World Match Play Championship champ a record seven times, ELS; 25. Kids’ greetings, BAAS; 26. Least done, RAREST; 27. Face-off place, CENTER ICE; 29. Lineup at some entrances, STILES; 32. Many a J.V. player, SOPH; 33. Cabbage roll, WAD; 36. Light-headed person?, MINER; 37. They no longer boom, SSTS; 38. “Philosophy in the Bedroom” author, 1795, SADE; 39. “Man of La Mancha” production org., ANTA; 40. Some touchdown makers, briefly, LEMS; 41. Alabama university, SELMA; 42. Roller near a derailleur, REAR TIRE; 44. Shirt attachment, TIE PIN; 45. Store something for later thought, MAKE A MENTAL NOTE; 47. Breaks while lifting, say, REST INTERVALS; 48. One of many American houses, STATE SENATE.
Down: 1. Slender stickers, RAPIERS; 2. Personification, AVATAR; 3. Egyptian king credit with founding the First Dynasty, MENES; 4. Feather: Prefix, PTER; 5. Pause fillers, UHS; 6. Some workshop critiques, PEER ASSESSMENTS; 7. Stock options, SPLITS; 8. “… in thy possession lies A LASS unparallel’d”: Shak.; 9. Rangy, LANK; 10. Hear, to Henri, ENTENDRE; 11. Horticultural practice, SEEDAGE; 12 Item of wear with a strap, SANDAL; 13. Alabama and others, TRIBES; 14. Press release?, JUICE; 15. Desert trial, for short, N-TEST; 19. Ready to turn in, BEAT; 22. Staffs, MANS; 23. A head, EACH; 25. It has a head, BEER; 26. Tatters, RIPS; 27. Like the best explanations, CLEAREST; 28. Degenerates, ROTS; 29. Oiliness, SMARM; 30. Karaoke problem, TIN EAR 31. Some air lines, INTAKES; 33. Britain’s first prime minister, WALPOLE; 34. Doesn’t turn away, ADMITS; 35. Early American diplomat, DEANE; 37. Conducive to meditation, SERENE; 38. Spotted visiting, SEEN AT; 40. Something not to go over, LIMIT; 41. Regional woodland, SILVA; 43. “Abyssinia”, TATA; 44. Mountain lake, TARN; 46. Elevator in a country club, TEE.
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