11.28.09 -- In So Many Words

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Puzzle by Karen M. Tracey, edited by Will Shortz

Saturday, or in so many words…

Across -- 1. Goes off, ERRS; 5. Sty resident, SLOB; 9. Part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, PLANO; 14. Dash feature, TACH; 15. Travel by bus, say, TOUR; 16. Zero, RESET; 17. Baron, CZAR; 18. Shell alternative, ESSO; 19. French floor, ESTAGE; 20. Hoisted, as a sail, HOVE; 21. Keep from going through, VETO; 22. Cruise place, LINER; 23. Part of “The Jungle Book”, RIKKI TIKKI TAVI; 26. Opening string, ABC; 27. Outdoor signage option; NEON LAMP; 28. Quaint fashion accessory, HAT PIN; 30. Follow, GET; 31. Argument makers: Abbr., ATTS; 35. One with a hard, weather-resistant coat, SCOTTIE; 37. Round opening, TEE SHOT; 39. Callaloo ingredient, OKRA; 40. Hi-tech heart, CPU; 42. Good way to choose, WISELY; 43. Amassing amply, RAKING IN; 46. When France’s Philip I took the throne, MLX; 47. What a student might not go without?, PERMISSION SLIP; 51. AVOIR froid (be cold: Fr.); 52. Some parlors, for short, OTBS; 53. The redbud is one of its symbols: Abbr., OKLA; 55. Criterion, GAUGE; 56. Borscht flavorer, DILL; 57. Deity worshiped with much sensuality, BAAL; 58. 18-season Mariner Martinez, EDGAR; 59. Singer/songwriter Sands, EVIE; 60. Trimming and smoothing aid, ADZE; 61. Time of one’s life, TEENS; 62. Text message status, SENT; 63. No mere chuckle, ROAR.

Down -- 1. Do some impressions, ETCH; 2. Sharp, narrow range of hills, RAZORBACK; 3. Early LP issuer, RCA VICTOR; 4. Title film character who says “Donkey, two things, O.K.? Shut … up!”, SHREK; 5. “Talk to Me” singer, 1985, STEVIE NICKS; 6. Be bested by, LOSE TO; 7. Bouncer’s job, OUSTING; 8. A little running water?, BROOKLET; 9. Heat, for short, PRELIM; 10. Take the situation in stride, LET IT PASS; 11. Yoga posture, ASANA; 12. It comprises the southern half of Israel, NEGEV; 13. “Scary Movie” actress, 2000, OTERI; 24. Grow together, KNIT; 25. Six-time Oscar nominee with a 2008 win, KATE WINSLET; 26. “Gotcha,” humorously, AHSO; 29. Fully feather-footed flier, PTARMIGAN; 32. “Pooh-Bah” source, THE MIKADO; 33. Where the going rate is charged?, TOLL PLAZA; 34. Final course?, STYX; 36. Series composition, EPISODES; 38. One abroad, EINS; 41. Promoting harmony, UNITIVE; 44. Drying racks, AIRERS; 45. Little mischief-maker, GOBLIN; 47. Pathology pioneer Sir James PAGET; 48. Shake, EVADE; 49. Compact stuff, ROUGE; 50. Kind of pneumonia, LOBAR; 54. Any pro designated hitter, briefly, ALER.

Words, words, words...


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