11.15.09 -- Seven -- the Diagramless

Sunday, November 15, 2009
DIAGRAMLESS, Puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz
Wordplay, the Crossword Blog of the New York Times gives the reader several pointers on solving a diagramless -- HERE. I’m partial to the number seven, so...
Across, beginning at the 9th square -- 1. Religious split, SCHISM; 7. Silent sort, CLAM; 11. Doughnut shop purchase, CRULLER; 13. “Very funny!”, HAHA; 14. There are seven … DEADLY SINS; 17. Stratford’s river, AVON; 18. One taking a cut, AGENT; 20. Neatnik’s opposite, SLOVEN; 21. There are seven … DAYS IN A WEEK; 24. “You’re ONE TO talk!”; 25. “The Gift of the Magi” device, IRONY; 26. Prefix with natal, NEO; 28. Romantic number, TWO; 29. Bubbly, as Alka-Seltzer, FIZZING; 32. Smug expression, SMIRK; 34. Letters at Indy, STP; 35. Blunted blades, EPEES; 36. Beach locale, COAST; 37. There are seven … WONDERS OF THE WORLD; 45. Gaza group, HAMAS; 46. Snack box items, OREOS; 47. Sporty British autos, MGS; 50. Makes better, CURES; 51. Primatologist Jane GOODALL; 53. Feedbag morsel, OAT; 54. “Helping doctors help patients” org., AMA; 55. Book of verses, BIBLE; 56. Move aimlessly, DRIFT; 58. There are seven … HILLS OF ROME; 64. Group of nine, ENNEAD; 66. Dull finish, MATTE; 67. Old Subway Series stadium, SHEA; 68. There are seven … LITTLE FOYS; 70. Travelers’ rests, INNS; 71. Maritime route, SEA LANE; 72. Like a busybody, NOSY; 73. Duke of Ebbets Field, SNYDER.
Down -- 1. Part of an act, SCENE; 2. Large box for shipping, CRATE; 3. Cabinet dept. since 1965, HUD; 4. Aches and pains, ILLS; 5. Devilish glance, SLY LOOK; 6. Subatomic particle, MESON; 7. Scrap in 2000 election news, CHAD; 8. Kilauea output, LAVA; 9. Salt’s call, AHOY; 10. Large, as a serving of food, MAN-SIZED; 12. Holds firmly, RIVETS; 14. A bit moist, DEWY; 15. Food packaging meas., NET WT; 16. Be a busybody, SNOOP; 18. In a bit, ANON; 19. Criminals’ collective, GANG; 22. Maya Angelou’s “Still I RISE”; 23. Potato-filled goody, KNISH; 27. Noted Harper’s Bazaar designer, ERTE; 29. Scarcely any, FEW; 30. N.Y.S.E. debut, IPO; 31. Some meditation, ZEN; 32. Vegging-out spots, SOFAS; 33. Tumblers’ surfaces, MATS; 36. “Here, boy!”, COME; 38. Baba au RHUM; 39. New York’s SARAH Lawrence College; 40. Virginia who wrote “Mrs. Dalloway”, WOOLF; 41. Calls room service, say, ORDERS IN; 42. Stephen of “V for Vendetta”, REA; 43. 13-Across, online, LOL; 44. Fast link to the WWW, DSL; 47. Runway strutter, MODEL; 48. With parsley, on a menu, GARNI; 49. Pinches pennies, STINTS; 50. Andorran’s tongue, CATALAN; 51. Main point, GIST; 52. Slender woodwind, OBOE; 55. Diner orders, briefly, BLTS; 57. Fancy dos; FETES; 59. “I’M ONE of You” (Hank Williams Jr. album); 60. Hen, but not a rooster, LAYER; 61. “Not that!”, OH NO; 62. Macy’s department, MENS; 63. “Piece of cake!”, EASY; 65. Place to get a 23-Down, DELI; 69. Craze, FAD.
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