11.27.09 -- Leftovers


Friday, November 27, 2009

Puzzle by Ed Sessa, edited by Will Shortz

TURKEY LEFTOVERS (59A. Post-Thanksgiving fare), A WING AND A PRAYER (17A. Hope born of desperation) and A LEG TO STAND ON (36A. Justifiable basis for one’s position) appear to be an interrelated group of this post-Thanksgiving tryptophanic-leftovers crossword.

DEMONSTRATE (18D. March, say) crosses A LEG TO STAND ON in the center of the puzzle, flanked by DRAG RACES (4A. Some head-to-head competitions) and IN CONTROL (28A. Running things) across with four eight-letter down answers, APERTURE (36D Optical opening); LET ‘ER RIP (37D. “O.K. …go!”); ONE IN TEN (13D. Long shot, for sure) and TOY PIANO (12D. Schroeder’s instrument in “Peanuts”).

Seven-letter entries include AIRHOLE (63A. Site for a seal, maybe); ARISTOS (8A. British V.I.P.’s, to Brits); CONSOLE (15A. Place for buttons); 16A. Dr. DENTONS (infant sleepers); ORIENTE (62A. Where JapĆ³n is); REPROVE (64A. Dress down); 1A. "Enjoy the honey-heavy dew of SLUMBER": Shak.; TRESSES (65A Means of tower access, in a fairy tale).

Six -- ARAFAT (46D Peace Nobelist of 1994); BEAKER (44D. Lipped lab container); CAMEOS (47D. Cinephiles often watch for them); EDERLE (48D. 1926 English Channel crosser); LOW MAN (2D. Figure on a totem pole, figuratively); RENOIR (7D. “Le Moulin de la Galette” artist); SCAMPI (1D. Garlicky dish); SENSES (49D. Sanity); STAPLE (11D. Fasten with a click); UNIVAC (3D. First computer to predict a U.S. election outcome).

Five -- BEATS (31A. Reporters’ areas); BONER (31D. Blockheaded move); GET BY (43A. Survive adversity); LIPPI (21A. “The Feast of Herod” painter); NAGGY (29D. Shrewlike); PAY TV (51D. Entertainment by subscription); REPLY (9D. E-mail option); TRA LA (53A. Part of a merry refrain).

Leftovers -- ADA (8D. Most populous county of Idaho), AGT, ALOT, APE, BAA, BOGS (5D. Things near Baskerville Hall), DADE and DEAD, ELAL, EST, GANG, GILT, IMAY, INRI, LEE, LINE and LENO, MEN, MMV, MSN, NEE and NET, NOGO, OLDE, PAAR and PEAR, ROBE, SLOE, SORE, SSR, STIR, TATI (30A. Comical Jacques), TASS, TOR, TREE, VHS (Beta beater).

The Feast of Herod -- Fra Filippo Lippi, about 1452-1466, Fresco -- Prato, Cathedral of Santo Stefano, Choir chapel


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