11.07.09 -- Saturday in Hell

Satan’s Treasures, Jean Delville, 1895
November 7, 2009
Puzzle by Bob Klahn, edited by Will Shortz
A solve from Hell, lavish with the flames of ambiguity and misdirection, arcana and the obscure -- "Through me you pass into the city of woe: / Through me you pass into eternal pain: / Through me among the people lost for aye. / Justice the founder of my fabric moved: / To rear me was the task of Power divine, / Supremest Wisdom, and primeval Love. / Before me things create were none, save things Eternal, / and eternal I endure. / All hope abandon, ye who enter here."! -- The Divine Comedy, Alighieri Dante
Across: 1. Peter who wrote “Underboss”, MAAS; 5. Squarely, SPANG; 10. Landlocked Muslim land, MALI; 14.
“Down ON ME” (1967 Janis Joplin song); 15. Cheyenne Kid portrayer, LA RUE; 16. Where Aldous Huxley taught George Orwell, ETON; 17. “Little Diane” singer, 1962, DION; 18. ALICE blue, color named after a first daughter; 19. Like some friends, FAST; 20. “That’s really cheap!”, IT’S A STEAL; 22. West Coast N.F.L.’er, NINER; 23. Insubstantial, FROTHY; 24. Appeal from a diplomat, DEMARCHE; 26. Mississippi river named by La Salle, YAZOO; 27. Local operation?, UNION SHOP; 28. En REGLE (by the rules: Fr.); 30. Well-armed predators?, OCTOPI; 31. Sink, set; 34. Base of a column, SUM; 35. Lopsided, WRY; 36. Flushed, RED; 37. As different as night and day, e.g., CLICHÉ; 39. The Who’s “Live at LEEDS,” 1970 double-platinum album; 41. Harem slave, ODALISQUE; 43. A slew, RAFTS; 47. Don Quixote type, ROMANTIC; 48. Single shot, PELLET; 49. Flivver; 50. Reluctantly accept, GIVE WAY TO; 52. See 55-Across, HART; 53. World capital at the foot of Mount Vitosha, SOFIA; 54. Remark from a draft dodger?, BRRR; 55. With 52-Across, lead female role in TV’s “Peter Gunn”, EDIE; 56. Dead ringer?, KNELL; 57. Wall-plastering material LOAM; 58. Hubbub, ROAR; 59. Harmonize, AGREE; 60. It may be found near a drain, EDDY.
Down: 1. Reshape, MODIFY; 2.
Dancer in a suite, ANITRA; 3. “A Tale of Love and Darkness” author, 2003, AMOS OZ; 4. “Damn Yankees” chorister, SENATOR; 5. Dull blue-gray, SLATY; 6. Cadaverous, PALE; 7. Strauss heroine from classical myth, ARIADNE; 8. Cores, NUCLEI; 9. “Oh, I don’t know”, GEE; 10. Selfish, ME FIRST; 11. Not likely to go with the flow, AT ANCHOR; 12. Despair, LOSE HOPE; 13. Doughty, INTREPID; 21. Low finish?, SHOESHINE; 22. “The Bungalow Mystery” solver, NANCY DREW; 25. English sculptor Henry, MOORE; 27. 1805 Napoleonic victory site, ULM; 29. Partygoer, GUEST; 31. Hard-hit line drive, SCORCHER; 32. The first complete navigation of the Amazon was in search of this EL DORADO; 33. Liqueur reputedly named for a noblewoman’s chambermaid, TIA MARIA; 35. Baby, WEE; 38. Racket, CLATTER; 39. “Doctor Faustus” character, LUCIFER; 40. Ready to move, SALABLE; 42. Chinese meditative practice, QIGONG; 44. Casting option, FLY ROD; 45. Four-note chord, TETRAD; 46. Not at all fair, STORMY; 48. Artist Rembrandt, PEALE; 51. Flagitious, VILE; 53. Music genre of the English Beat and the Specials, SKA.
Saturday -- what else is there to do?!
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