11.15.09 -- Man of Many Words

November 15, 2009
MAN OF MANY WORDS, Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski, edited by Will Shortz
JOHNNY MERCER (Lyricist born 11/18/1909 who wrote the words to the 10 songs with asterisked clues) -- today’s crossword commemorates his 100th birthday.
Accompanied by the note “When this puzzle has been completed, connect the circled letters in order from A to N to get an appropriate image,” the puzzle, when completed vibrates with music, dominated by a roughly sketched treble clef, a music symbol with variations and an indicator of specific directions to the musician -- see
For the BROADWAY MUSICAL (42D. Many a 115-Across collaboration) and beyond, Mercer wrote the lyrics for
ONE FOR MY BABY (21A. *Tony Parsons novel [1943 song]); TANGERINE (26A. *Mandarin variety [1942]); MOON RIVER (67A. *It flows into Ontario’s Georgian Bay [1961]); GREAT GUNS (108A. *Laurel and Hardy flick [1949]); JEEPERS CREEPERS (3D. *Omigosh!” [1938]); HAY RIDE (11D. *Rural jaunt [1945]); CHARADE (*Total sham [1963]); LAURA (48D. *Former first lady [1945]; EMILY (59D. *One of the Brontes [1964]); MATADOR (90D. *Toro’s target [1956]).
Remaining across -- 1. Pair of pears, ANJOUS; 7. Young socialites, DEBS; 11. “HAVA Nagila” (song title that means “Let us rejoice”) 15.
Move from Los Angeles to New York, say, GO EAST; 16. Ply with liquor, BESOT; 17. Helped settle an argument, MEDIATED; 23. Source of black diamonds, COALYARD; 24. Workout count, REPS; 25. Like some valves, AORTIC; 27. Had brunch, ATE; 28. Some dogs, FIDOS; 29. Aminos, e.g., ACIDS; 31. Robert of “The Sopranos”, ILER; 32. No-good, ROTTEN; 34. Lost, AT SEA; 35. Thrice daily, on an Rx, TID; 37. Molokai and Maui: Abbr., ISLS; 38. Left-wingers, LIBS; 40. Bread box?, ATM; 41. Last non-A.D. year, ONE BC; 44. One way to put out an album, ON CD; 45. “Blah, blah, blah”, ETC ETC; 47. William OSLER, the Father of Modern Medicine; 49. Seeds might be planted in it, ROW; 51. Greek god of the north wind, BOREAS; 53. Late Saudi king, FAHD; 55. 2001 World Series winner, ARIZONA; 57. Uranium source, e.g., ORE; 58. “Mad Men” extra, STENO; 61. Stylish filmaker, AUTEUR; 64. Pink-slip, SACK; 65. Mental flashes, IDEAS; 69. Soup server, LADLE; 70. 9/, SEPT; 71. “Pretty please?”, WILL YA; 72. Glide (over), SKATE; 74. Weak-looking, WAN; 75. Girl Scout symbol, TREFOIL; 77. Revise, EDIT; 79. Nanny’s warning, BEHAVE; 81. Orch. Section, STR; 82. Attack fiercely, FLY AT; 85. Curvy-horned animals, ELANDS; 88. Took a gander at, EYED; 89. Of element #76 OSMIC; 91. Strong joe, MUD; 93. “… ERE I saw Elba”; 94. Copy job delayers, JAMS; 95. Hubbub, ADO; 96. “Are you in OR OUT?”; 98. Faux gold, ORMOLU; 100. Billing no., ACCT; 103. Beachgoer’s hair lightener, SUNIN; 104. Get 100 on a test, ACE IT; 105. Ungodliness, SIN; 111. Oil source, CANOLA; 113. Suffix with billion, AIRE; 114. Move from New York to Los Angeles, say, HEAD WEST; 117. Whenever, AS SOON AS; 118. Dr. Alzheimer, ALOIS; 119. Off the coast, INLAND; 120. Suffix with tip, STER; 121. “What’s Going On” singer, GAYE; 122. Some wraps, STOLES.
Down: 1.
Greek market, AGORA; 2. Three trios, NONET; 4. Dummkopfs, OAFS; 5. Show grp., USO; 6. Narrow way, STRAIT; 7. Shopaholic’s accumulation, DEBTS; 8. Morales in movies, ESAI; 9. Texas State athlete, BOBCAT; 10. It’s a mess, STY; 12. “Garfield: A TAIL of Two Kitties” (2006 film); 13. “Les Voyages Extraordinaires” writer, VERNE; 14. Abacus user, ADDER; 16. Like “Don Juan”, BYRONIC; 17. Rachel of “Mean Girls”, MCADAMS; 18. Ages and ages, EONS; 19. Nobelist Hammarskjold, DAG; 20. Suffix with duct, ILE; 22. Vintage Ford, MODEL T; 26. Associate with, TIE TO; 28. Knox and others: Abbr., FTS; 30. See 110-Down, CSA; 33. Vintage sign word, OLDE; 34. Hollywood pooch, ASTA; 35. Start of an adage about forgiveness, TO ERR; 36. Cross inscription, INRI; 37. So that one can, IN ORDER TO; 39. Hoodwink, BEFOOL; 43. Assemblies, CONCLAVES; 44. Some Julliard students, OBOISTS; 45. Maximal ending, EST; 50. Came alive, WAKENED; 52. Stubborn sort, ASS; 54. Hwy. offense, DUI; 58. Hungarian half sister?, ZSA; 60. Cambodia’s Lon NOL; 62. Emmy winner, e.g., TV STAR; 63. Hair-raising shriek, EEK; 66. Div. of Justice, ATF; 68. Nevada’s largest county, NYE; 69. See 110-Down, LEE; 71. Ham radio catchword, WILCO; 73. Cable inits., TBS; 76. “The Wizard OF ID; 78. “Why did I LET this happen?; 80. Get better, HEAL; 83. Comes (to), AMOUNTS; 84. Swings, TURNS; 86. Former 38-Across, NEOCONS; 87. With desperation, DIRELY; 92. “Where DO I sign?”; 94. Tittle, JOT; 97. 7-Up, with “the” UNCOLA; 99. Indiana/Michigan natives, MIAMIS; 100. Eastern titles, AGHAS; 101. Cardinal’s topper, CREST; 102. Knock it off, CEASE; 103. City rebuilt by Darius I, SUSA; 104. Photographer Leibovitz, ANNIE; 106. Peace goddess, IRENE; 107. Studious crowd, NERDS; 109. Tandem’s capacity, TWO; 110. With 69-Down, V.I.P. in the 30-Down, GEN; 112. Cry from a deck, AHOY; 113. Janis’s comic strip hubby, ARLO; 115. Sport wheels, JAG; 116. Med. Specialty, ENT.
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