11.25.09 -- Whew!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Puzzle by Allan E. Parrish, edited by Will Shortz

TIRE, FLAG, EXHAUST, DRAIN and perhaps SAP, contained in the entries of RADIAL TIRE (17A. Goodyear offering), PIRATE FLAG (61A. Blackbeard flew one), DUAL EXHAUST (10D. Feature of many muscle cars), SHOWER DRAIN (24D. Where lost hair may accumulate) and TREE SAP (25D. Syrup source), comprise the interrelated group of this weary Wednesday crossword.

Other entries of length -- ASBESTOS (42A. Litigation-prompting insulation); ELEPHANT (34A. Political symbol); ROTATION (40D. Pitchers are often put in this); TARHEELS (8D. North Carolina gridders).

Seven-letter -- EVEREST (54A. Mountain previously named Peak XV); HOT LINE (22A. Red telephone’s connection); OPENERS (45D. Church keys); WEASELS (5D. Sneaky sorts).

Six -- APPLET (52A. Bit of Java programming); CATNIP (6D. Inside of a toy mouse, perhaps); LA ROSA (32A. Crooner canned on live TV in 1953); PREFIX (30A. Pro- or con-); RASTAS (46A. Many Marley fans); SEMITE (24A. Israeli or Palestinian); SOUTER (44A. Justice replaced by Sotomayor); SPLASH (47D. Play in the pool, say).

Five -- AMAHL (27A. Boy soprano in a Menotti opera); AVAIL (50D. Be of use to); AZURE (14A. Like a clear sky); CRESS (39A. Salad green); HAYDN (49A. “The Creation” composer); HENCE (49A. Ergo); HOMEY (13D. Warm and comfy); INDIA (11D. Destination of Vasco da Gama); J CREW (1A. Catalog clothing retailer since 1983); PSALM (48A. Song of David); READY (26A. Ready to go); RHONE (66A. River of Lyon); SACKS (69A. Plays resulting in yardage losses); STAND (12D. Put up with); YENTA (51D. Spreader of dirt).

Four -- ACTS (33D. Bible book after John); ADAM (19A One cast out of paradise); AGES (59D. Seemingly forever); ALGA (27D. Pond organism); ALOE (41A. Skin cream additive); ARAB (29D. One with an “al-“ in his name, often); ALTA (35D. Utah ski area); AMAH (115A. Eastern domestic); ANKH (68A. Hippie’s cross); BLOC (57d. Political grouping); 6A. Suffragist Carrie Chapman CATT; CITI (64A. One of American banking’s Big Four, for short); COOS (65A. Talks lovingly); CZAR (2D. White House policy appointee); DISH (10A. Signal receiver); ELAN (67A. Panache); FESS (31D. Come clean, with “up”); GNAW (38A. Salad green); JARS (1D. Shakes up); 28D. MAN’S best friend; NANA (60A. “Peter Pan” dog); NOEL (36D. Seasonal air); RANK (58D. Needing a bath badly); RUDI (3D. Gernreich of fashion); SANE (43D. Compos mentis); SPCA (55D. Shelter org.); TERM (37D. Kind of life insurance); THEO (9D. Lt. Kojak); TRIP (23D. Make a misstep); UNTO (1A. Golden rule preposition).

Three -- AMI (7D. Buddy, in Burgundy); BRA (57A. Item with underwires); 4D. “ERI tu” (Verdi aria); FHA (63D. Shelter financing org.); LON (56A. Chaney of the silents); LOT (53D. Place to play stickball); LUM (18D. Abner’s radio partner); ROK (62D. “M*A*S*H); 20A. SRI Lanka; SUN (21A. Weather map symbol).


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