11.20.09 -- Rara Avis

Umbrella Bird -- Artist: K. Lilly
Friday, November 20, 2009
Puzzle by Alan Olschwang, edited by Will Shortz
A word is a word is a word…
Across: 1. Tae Bo alternative, JAZZERCISE; 11. English pop duo CHAS & Dave; 15. It’s not bad for a duffer, ONE OVER PAR; 16. Extend one’s service life, REUP; 17. Cape Cod components, GABLE ROOFS; 18. Conclusion lead-in, ERGO; 19. Fresh, ANEW; 20. Just makes, EKES OUT; 22. Only private non-American to address a joint session of Congress (1989), WALESA; 25. Sharpness gauge, IQ TEST; 26. Season opener, say, EPISODE; 28. Lions might score one, GNU; 29. Foul territory?, STY; 30. Baath party place, IRAQ; 31. Squirrel, STORE UP; 34. Net Nanny no-no, SMUT; 36. Breaking capacity, briefly, SRO; 37. Zealots’ group, maybe, SECT; 40. Dons effortlessly, as footwear, EASES ON; 43. Big mouth, TRAP; 45. Chiwere speaker, OTO; 48. Not elective: Abbr., REQ; 49. Ochlocracy, MOB RULE; 51. Baggie biggie, ZIPLOC; 53. TV neighbor of Ralph and Alice, TRIXIE; 54. Indicates that one is in, ANTES UP; 56. Ready to be played, CUED; 57. Flower genus that’s also a woman’s name, ROSA; 58. Ones who might get service calls?, RESERVISTS; 63. Barbra’s “A Star Is Born” co-star, KRIS; 64. Be forced to backpedal, EAT ONE’S HAT; 65. Full of rapture, SENT; 66. Pair for a suit, DRESS SHOES.
Down: 1. Nudge, JOG; 2. Baptist leader?, ANA; 3. “The Waltons” grandpa, ZEB; 4. A la the founder of literary naturalism, ZOLAESQUE; 5. Still, EVEN SO; 6. Proofs, say, REREADS; 7. Vaunt, CROW; 8. Bit of business news, for short, IPO; 9. First call?, SAFE; 10. 1990s White House chief of staff Bowles, ERSKINE; 11. Umbrella bird’s “umbrella”, CREST; 12. Some are decorated, HEROES; 13. Grand, AUGUST; 14. Erratic, SPOTTY; 21. 1977 Richard Burton film, EQUUS; 22. Early Chinese dynasty, WEI; 23. Loan figs., APRS; 24. Irish statesman, Cosgrave, LIAM; 27. Bibliographical abbr., ET SEQ; 28. Worker in a stable environment?, GROOM; 32. Where some parts are repaired, briefly, ORS; 33. Germs grow in it, PETRI DISH; 35. Starch sources, TAROS; 38. Central point, CRUX; 39. Anklebones, TALI; 41. Locked in, SECURED; 42. Rush hour restriction, NO TURNS; 44. Top finisher?, PEE; 45. Buffalo National River locale, OZARKS; 46. Cassiterite, e.g., TIN ORE; 47. Doesn’t decline, OPTS IN; 50. Double whole notes; BREVES; 52. Minimal, LEAST; 55. Kind of brandy, PEAR; 56. Firm wheels, for short, CEOS; 59. Suzanne, e.g.: Abbr., STE; 60. “The Tudors” airer, in brief, SHO; 61. Inits. Of a noted “Wizard”, TAE; 62. G.P.S. data, STS.
…quoth the umbrella bird!
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