Galloway Forest Park, Scotland -- Dark Skies by James Hilder
November’s Sky (is chill and drear), Puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz
If you subscribe to The New York Times on-line Premium Crosswords, you are probably familiar with the monthly puzzle. For the month of
November, the title of the crossword is November’s Sky (is chill and drear) and features "Sky" in approximately 30 clues.
Across: 1. Sky PILOT (military chaplain); 15. Head skyward, RISE; 16. Airline whose name means “skyward”, EL AL; 17.
Luke Skywalker foe Darth VADER; 23. Streaker in the sky, METEOR; 27. Take to the sky, AVIATE; 30. “Blue Sky” Oscar winner Jessica LANGE; 39. Skylit lobbies, ATRIA; 42. “RED sky at night, sailor’s delight”; 44. World Sky RACE (lighter than-air airship competition); 47. “REACH for the sky!” (cry in a western); 49. Skycap, PORTER; 52. Sky KING (aviator of early TV); 53. Not in the sea or the sky, ON LAND; 62. “ABOVE us only sky” (lyrics from Lennon’s “Imagine”); 64. Drop ZONE (skydiver’s target area); 65. Robert who played Sky Masterson, ALDA; 69. Chicken Little’s falling “sky”, ACORN.
Down: 5.
Site of the Rogers Centre, formerly the SkyDome, TORONTO; 6. Travel like Skylab, ORBIT; 7. Part of a rural skyline, SILO; 10. “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” band, BEATLES; 12. Runyon who created Sky Masterson, DAMON; 27. Much skywriting, ADS; 37. BLUE-sky (impractical); 39. Altar in the sky, ARA; 43. Pie-in-the-sky sort, DREAMER; 45. Big Sky state, MONTANA; 49. What a skycam might take, for short, PIC; 51. Target of a skyjacking, PLANE; 54. Cameron DIAZ of “Vanilla Sky”; 58. Seabird with a forked tail, TERN.
"November's sky is chill and drear, November's leaf is red and sear." -- Sir Walter Scott
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