11.24.12 — Angst

Saturday, November 24, 2012
Puzzle by Josh Knapp / Edited by Will Shortz

If it’s possible for a crossword to have a dangerous psychosis, this gleeful Saturday’s variegated and angst-ridden presentation with its vivid range of vagaries and viciousness goes a fair way to confirm  that that may very well be so …
Across — 1. Shaggy dog, AFGHAN; 7. It’s gone over with poles, SKI JUMP; 14. African country with a namesake lake, MALAWI; 15. Rival of Paris, MENELAUS; 17 Contemptuously bold, BRAZEN; 18. Self-doubting, INSECURE; 19. Extra desire?, LINE; 20. Prefix with -zoic, ENTO; 22. O.K. for another season, RENEW; 23. Stop going, END; 24. “Fiddlesticks!”, POOH; 25. Eastern melody, RAGA; 26. Like many a romance hero, DASHING; 28. Raiders org.?, ATF; 31. Call LOG; 322. Secret weapon, ACE IN THE HOLE; 35. 1978 sequel set in a shopping mall, DAWN OF THE DEAD, check out the 2004 remake; 37. It might pop up at a nursery, JACK IN THE BOX; 38. Crumb, ORT; 39. These, in Toulon, CES; 40. Charge, ARRAIGN; 44. Far from whole, SKIM; 46. Like refreshing aqua, FRIA; 47. Fellow in a counting-out rhyme?, MOE; 48. Senator of Watergate fame, ERVIN; 50. “South Park” co-creator Stone, MATT; 51. Hustle, SCAM; 52. Like four ill-fated popes, it’s said, POISONED; 54. Spike, IMPALE; 58. Where things might pop up in a nursery, HOT HOUSE; 57. He took Rehnquist’s seat, SCALIA; 58. Home of Mandalay, MYANMAR; 59. Ones given money to waste?, HIT-MEN.
Down — 1. Showed no hurry in getting somewhere, AMBLED; 2. Breakfast bowlful, FARINA; 3. The endocrine system, essentially, BLANDS; 4. Break a pledge?, HAZE; 5. State at a spectacle, AWE; 6. It might be hard-pressed to get assistance, NINE ONE ONE; 7. Expert on forgery?, SMITH; 8. Vegas game, KENO; 9. Hookups, INS; 10. Razz, JEER; 11. Inside trouble, ULCER; 12. Peak east of Captain Cook, MAUNA LOA; 13. Killer source material for a comedian, say, PURE GOLD; 16. Pollution concern, SEWAGE; 21. Invitation stipulation, NO GIFTS; 24. It might be put on a blanket, PICNIC; 27. Atlanta cager, HAWK; 28. Fundamentally, AT HEART; 29. Who “are coming,” in a historical declaration, THE BRITISH; 30. Part of a Freddy Krueger costume, FEDORA; 33. Math ordinal, NTH; 24. One meter start?, HEXA; 35. Developing area, DARK ROOM; 36. Goings-on, ACTIVITY; 37. Patron saint of the Catholic Church, JOSEPH; 41. Response to “Don’t panic!”, I’M CALM; 42. Hands-on position?, GOALIE; 43. Like the beast in Hercules’ first labor, NEMEAN; 45. Diminutive for Baryshnikov, MISHA; 46. Radio knob, FADER; 49. Showdown time, NOON; 50. Southwest city founded by Mormon pioneers, MESA; 51. Run-in, SPAT; 53. Book before Deut., NUM; 55. Old long-distance letters, MCI.


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