11.09.12 — Between Poles

Friday, November 9, 2012
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1.He said “I don’t want my album coming out with a G rating. Nobody would buy it”, OSMOND; 7. Bomb’s opposite, SMASH HIT; 15. It typically has a ribbon around its crown, BOATER; 16. Fudge ingredient in “The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook”, HASHEESH; 17. Temporary spear, ICICLE; 18. Wave recipient?, OUTER EAR; 19. See 61-Down, TIN; 20. Encumbered, LADEN; 22. Places for stumpers, PODIA; 23. Fox Sports reporter Oliver and others, PAMS; 25. They have flat tops, MESAS; 27. Radio host Boortz, NEAL; 28. Pribilof Islands resident, ALEUT; 30. Aid in planning a 35-Across, ATLAS; 32. DHL Express (intl. shipper); 33. India leads the world in its production, GINGER; 35. See 30-Across, ROUTE; 37. Where chromosomes gather between poles during mitosis, EQUATORIAL PLANE; 42. Like X, XX or XXX, ROMAN; 43. Hanger at a graduation, TASSEL; 4. French vineyard, CRU; 47. Greeting to a rider, maybe, NEIGH; 49. One-named actor from Tel Aviv, TOPOL; 50. Be a drifter, ROVE; 52. How actors come in, ON CUE; 54. Title French orphan of film, LILI; 55. Carry A TUNE; 57. Conspiracy, CABAL; 59. Copy from CD to PC, RIP; 60. Top place to get sunburned?, BALD SPOT; 62. Wordsmith’s resource, ROGETS; 64. Einstein, BRAINIAC; 65. Can’t take, LOATHE; 66. Dentist’s #6 and #11, EYE TEETH; 67. Give some relief, EMBOSS.
Down — 1. Where to find departure info?, OBIT PAGE; 2. Low figure for nerd, SOCIAL IQ; 3. Starting point of a phone tree, MAIN MENU; 4. Like many drugs, briefly, OTC; 5. Dudley’s love, in cartoons, NELL; 6. What an alarm may interrupt, DREAM; 7. Fielder’s dramatic play, SHOESTRING CATCH; 8. Hawaiian smoker, MAUNA LOA; 9. Bermuda setting: Abbr., AST; 10. “Old SHEP” (country music classic); 11. Wading fisher, HERON; 12. Like many warnings, HEEDED; 13. “Unto us a son is given” source, ISAIAH; 14. Bondage, THRALL; 21. Weed eliminator, for short?, DEA; 24. Toots, SUGAR; 26. River waterfall, SAULT; 29. Montana or Idaho river, TETON; 31. Green dresser’s honoree, briefly, ST PAT; 34. Letter after Quebec in a radio alphabet, ROMEO; 367. EL SOL de Mexico (Mexico City daily); 38. It may be worn in the shower, RAIN COAT; 39. Seek, ASPIRE TO; 40. Stone Age tools, NEOLITHS; 41. Some quotation marks, ELLIPSES; 44. Athlete-turned actor Buster CRABBE; 45. Like old-fashion phones, ROTARY; 46. Hangers near tongues, UVULAE; 48. Many a layover locale, HUB; 51. Split, END IT; 53. Combs of Murderers’ Row, EARLE; 56. Bygone laborer, ESNE; 58. Machine worked in “Norma Rae”, LOOM; 61. With 19-Across, item for many cobblers, PIE; 63. Rap, GAB.


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