11.23.12 — The Friday Crossword


Erato, the Muse of Love Poetry, Francois Boucher


Friday, November 23, 2012
Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Call an end to a hike, START BACK; 120. Biblical prophet who railed against idolatry, MICAH; 15. Big-eyed toy, CHIHUAHUA; 16. Mythological lyrist, ERATO; 17. Kids whose parents fight?, ARMY BRATS; 18. On delivery?, NATAL; 19. Hammered, BEATEN; 20. “ODES et Ballades” (Victor Hugo work); 22. Sitcom characters Borland and Bundy, ALS; 23. Evan’s best friend in “Superbad”, SETH; 24. Box for a drill, SPAR; 25. Form a mass, CLOT; 26. Minor-league team of Toledo, MUDHENS; 29. Mr. Hockey’s surname, HOWE; 30. Keep up, SUSTAIN; 32. More interested, KEENER; 34. 1960s-’70s dance partner of Nureyev, FONTEYN; 35. Leaf bisectors, MIDRIBS; 36. What excellence is the best deterrent to, per Oprah Winfrey, RACISM; 37. Like some Mideast movements, PAN-ARAB; 38. Grp. That may call on its reserves?, OPEC; 39. French ACADEMY (language overseer); 41. TV character who said “K.O.” instead of O.K.”, MORK; 42. Kylver Stone letter, RUNE; 43. Glance over, SCAN; 47. Prone, APT; 48. Cockney pal of Mary Poppins, BERT; 49. Lighter compound, BUTANE; 51. Pick on, TEASE; 53. Instruments also known as mellophones, ALTO HORNS; 55. He could walk on water, in myth, ORION; 56. Think through, REASON OUT; 57. Musician/radio host Steven Van ZANDT; 58. White trash?, EGGSHELLS.

Alto horn in F by Franz G. Kaiser, Cincinnati, Ohio, ca. 1858

Down — 1. Union enemies, SCABS; 2 Rule of THREE (comedy writer’s maxim); 3. Target, AIM AT; 4. Elementary school percussion, RHYTHM STICK; 5. Poster mailer’s need, TUBE; 6. One raised in Amish country, BARN; 7. It may result from a discovery, AHA; 8. Make a slit in, CUT OPEN; 9. Lawrence KASDAN who wrote the screenplay for “Raiders of the Lost Ark”; 10. MEN’S chorus; 11. Org. that disarmed in 2005, IRA; 12. Barcelona is its capital, CATALONIA; 13. Way down, AT A LOW EBB; 14. Piece keepers, HOLSTERS; 21. ERSKINE Bowles of the Simpson-Bowles commission; 24. Tibia’s place, SHIN; 25. Pit that’s sometimes spit, CHERRY STONE; 27. Black Hawk War combatants, UTES; 28. Fright when it’s light?, DAYMARE; 30. Never-ending story?, SOAP OPERA; 31. Up in the air, UNCERTAIN; 33. Queso relleno cheese, EDAM; 34. Missing nothing, FROM A TO Z; 35. In the Mafia, MADE; 37. 24-Down cover, PAN LEG; 40. Blowgun dart poison, CURARE; 44. Go door to door, possibly, CAROL; 45. Void, ANNUL; 46. Gets settled, NESTS; 48. Crooked, BENT; 49. Decision-maker, BOSS; 50. “This could get ugly”, UH OH; 52. Nursery purchase, SOD; 54. Graffitize, TAG.



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