11.29.12 — Don't Sweat It

Thursday, November 29, 2012
Puzzle by Sharon Delorme / Edited by Will Shortz

DON’T SWEAT IT (60A. Reassuring words … or a hint to 17-, 25-, 35- and 48-Across), along with the antiperspirant brands of Secret, Ban, Degree, and Sure found in SECRET PANEL (17A. The library in an old mansion may have one), BAN THE BOMB (25A. ‘60s protest sign), DEGREE OF FREEDOM (35A. Extent to which you may do as you please) and SURE-HANDED (48A. Having firm control) constitute the interrelated group of this airy Thursday crossword.
Other — ASSAIL, BE SEATED (1D. “Take your chairs“), BLOUSE, DINETTES, ENROBE, INCOME, LARIAT, LOCAL RAG (3D. Small-town paper, informally), MAKE IT SO, OPEN LATE, OVER-RIPE (39D. Like a mushy banana, say), PINBOY (11D. Old-time bowling alley worker), PRIDES, RAISED, SUTURE, TATTOO.
Five — AGAIN, AGUES, AROMA (49D. It might whet your appetite), ASPIC, BOLAS (1A. Whirled weapons), CAPRA, CARTE, DITTO, EMOTE, EPOCH, ESSEN, MASON, NANOS, PASEO, PAYEE, PREPS, RUN AT, TEETH.
Short stuff — ABA, Peek-A-BOO, ACR, ALLA, ARA, ASTR, AUD, BEA Bernaderet, DEM and DEW, Johnny DEPP, DIVA, ENA, EPEE du combat, ESL, ETAT, ETCH, IER and IRE, INN, “LES Amants“, LOT, MERE, NCR, OFT, ONE K, PIE, SHEL Silverstein, SRO, STIR, TAB, TARS, TRI, UFO.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 8. Brasserie list; 11. Buster Keaton missile; 14. Notable time span; 15. Malaria may cause these; 16. “The Fair Mad of the ___” (Renaissance comedy); 18. Initials seen at a checkout counter; 20. Doe in a Disney film; 21. One thrown from a horse?; 23. Penne ___ vodka; 27. Besmirches; 28. Check information; 29. State of France; 30. Top of a wardrobe; 41. Dragon in a 2008 best seller; 42. Demanding sort; 43. Certain jelly; 47. Brief race distance, briefly; 54. Simple;55. Direction in a bartender guide; 56. Like Braille characters; 58. Numerical prefix; 59. C.P.A. at times: Abbr.; 62. It may make the face turn red; 63. Not act subtly; 64. Readies; 65. Louis Malle’s “___ Amants”; 66. Foundation layer; 67. Sporty 1990s Toyota. — DOWN: 2. Like many a restaurant drive-thru; 4. Unlike this clue: Abbr.; 5. Silverstein of kid-lit; 6. “State of the Union” director, 1948; 7. “Let’s take it from the top”; 8. Charge; 9. Where crowns go; 10. Night school subj.; 12. 1040 figure; 13. Get dressed; 18. Q neighbor; 22. Law school-sanctioning org.; 24. Sci. major; 31. Place for parking; 32. Many a time; 33. Amateur film subject, maybe; 34. Sign of success; 36. Prepare a plaque, perhaps; 37. Ancient land around today’s Jordan; 38. Some furniture sets; 40. Catchphrase of Jean-Luc Picard on “Star Trek: T.N.G.”; 43. Attack; 44. Stitch up; 45. Safari sightings; 46. Suffix with bombard; 50. Some iPods; 51. “I’ll second that”; 52. Steel city of Germany; 53. Drops on the field?; 57. Co-star of DiCaprio in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”; 60. J.F.K. or F.D.R.; 61. Constellation next to Scorpius.


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