11.08.12 — The Twelfth Man

Thursday, November 8, 2012
Puzzle by Damon J. Kaczynski / Edited by Will Shortz

MAN in twelve squares constitutes the main feature of this Thursday crossword:

[MAN] OH [MAN] with [MAN]AGE, [MAN]LY [MAN] and ELI [MAN]NING (1A. “Holy smokes!”; 1D. Get by; 4D. Macho type; 20A. QB who was twice a Super Bowl M.V.P.)

[MAN] TO [MAN] with [MAN]TELS and [MAN]RAY (10A. Direct, in a way; 10D. Trophy sites; 13D. Contemporary of Marcel Duchamp)

ADA[MAN]T with [MAN]ETS, AR[MAN]DO and [MAN]EATERS (26A. Unyielding; 26D. TV director Iannucci; 29D. “Olympia” and others; 38A. Femmes fatales)

[MAN]TA with [MAN] CAVE (31A. Devilfish; 31D. Guy’s private area)

[MAN]ES with AR[MAN]I SUITS (43A. Long mops; 35D. Parts of a fashionable “Collezioni”

[MAN]EUVER with I LOVE YOU [MAN] (45A. Zigzag, e.g., 9D. 2009 bromance film)

TAX[MAN] with LE [MAN]S (54D. Beatles song with the lyric “There’s one for you, nineteen for me”; 67A. Annual June race)

TWELFTH [MAN] with [MAN]QUE (55A. Home-field advantage in football … or what the last square of the answer to this clue represents in this puzzle; 59D. Having failed aspirations)


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 5. “Sweetheart” of “Jersey Shore”; 14. Asia’s ___ Sea; 15. In conflict with; 16. What a Realtor may give; 17. U.S. Steel was once its biggest employer; 18. “N.F.L. Live” host Trey; 19. Mrs. Albert Einstein; 22. Hollow;24. How some military personnel serve; 30. “A Day Without Rain” artist; 34. Artist with whom an exiled Leon Trotsky once lived; 36. Head for a pub; 37. Heroin, in slang; 40. Part of a city street; 42. “The Godfather” figures; 46. Commonly; 47. It’s flaky; 48. Shades in the London sky, often; 49. Deter; 52. “Le ___” (Matisse piece); 60. Even: Fr.; 61. Trap during winter, perhaps; 63. 23000s service site; 64. Poshness; 65. Awkward years, for many; 66. In ___ (naturally positioned); 68. Marsh growth; 69. Cheat, in slang. — DOWN: 2. Like some surgery; 3. Mata ___; 5. 2007 horror film; 6. Walk ___ line; 7. Tramp, e.g., in “Lady and the Tramp”; 8. Pull a face; 11. Ring; 12. Yorkshire river; 21. Dame’s lead-in?; 23. Best, in some rating systems; 25. High-hatter; 27. Succumb to; 28. ___-garde; 32. Chief justice in the Dred Scott case; 33. New ___ (modern spiritualists); 37. Epithet; 39. Jiffs; 41. 9-Down co-star Jason; 44. Prepared, as some mushrooms; 47. Wasikowska of “Alice in Wonderland,” 2010; 49. Editing marks; 50. Knocking the socks off of; 51. Like a copse; 52. Collar attachment; 53. Flu symptom; 56. Go for a bite?; 57. The Jonas Brothers, e.g.; 58. Roles, figuratively; 62. Head of compliance?


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