11.10.12 — Dictus à la Rictus

Saturday, November 10, 2012
Puzzle by David Quarfoot / Edited by Will Shortz

Oddity in both clues and answers feather this friendly Saturday crossword.

Across — 1. Facebook purchase of 2012, INSTAGRAM; 10. Site of the world’s largest single reservoir of natural gas, QATAR; 15. Subject of a civil-rights investigation, HATE CRIME; 16. Border, VERGE; 17. It might be essential, AMINO ACID; 18. Old Olds, CIERA; 19. Datebook abbr., DEC; 20. Resourcefulness, WITS; 21. Like the x- or y-axis, ONE D; 22. Emblem of life, ANKH; 24. Mad, NUTS; 26. Little darling, CUTEY; 27. Pit item, BATON; 29. Pay, SALARY; 31. “A Perfect Peace” novelist, AMOS OZ; 33. It may be retracted, DOME; 34. Protein powder purveyor, GNC; 37. Where Wagner was born, LEIPZIG; 39. Growing concern?, TOP SOIL; 41. E.T.O. craft, LST; 42. First name in the Harlem Renaissance, ZORA; 44. Place for rods RETINA; 45. Current event?, EL NINO; 47. Skewered edible, SATAY; 48. Make a call to see someone nowadays?, SKYPE; 51. It may be put on after a shower TALC; 53. TV title role for Toni Collette, TARA; 54. Name on the Enterprise TROI; 55. Swarm, TEEM; 57. Mid first-century year, LII; 58. Avoids a service interruption, RE-UPS; 60. Climbing hazard, LOOSE ROCK; 62. “Creation” director Jon AMIEL; 63. Without warning, ALL AT ONCE; 64. Copper, PENNY; 65. Pint-size collectible?, BEER STEIN.
Down — 1. “Awesome party!”, I HAD A BALL; 2. Sing, NAME NAMES; 3. Soldier on, STICK TO IT; 4. Knockout number, in more ways than one, TEN; 5. Have A COW; 6. Wood feature, GRAIN; 7. Gaping grin, RICTUS; 8. 1997 Spielberg epic, AMISTAD; 9. MED mal (tort reform topic, briefly); 10. “Friday Night Beauty” airer, QVC; 11. Literary sextet, AEIOUY; 12. Council city of 1545-63, TRENT; 13. Line up, AGREE; 14. Primed, READY; 23. Reason for a quiet zone: Abr., HOSP; 25. Schedule, SLOT; 26. Breakfast fare, CREPES; 28. Spray source, NOZZLE; 32. Kolob Arch locale, ZION; 34. Refuse aid, GO IT ALONE; 35. L’Air du Temps perfume label, NINA RICCI; 36. Singer with the double-platinum album “Measure of a Man”, CLAY AIKEN; 38. Determination, GRIT; 40. Assists, say, STAT; 43. France, for one, ANATOLE; 45. Shot of adrenaline?, EPIPEN; 46. Encouraging words, OLE OLE; 48. Leave in a bad place, say, STRAP; 49. Part of some sundae shoppe names, KREME; 50. Dealer’s query, YOU IN; 52 Annual cinéma prize, CESAR; 56. “Meet the METS” (major-league fight song); 59. Feline, SLY; 60. Chocolate LAB; 61. Twaddle, ROT.
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