11.02.12 — Easy There, Tiger!

Piranha Red (Serrasalmus nattereri)
Friday, November 2, 2012
Puzzle by Derek Bowman / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. With 10-Across, “Down, boy!”, EASY THERE,TIGER; 15. Something that’s hardly fitting?, SQUARE PEG; 16. High-culture work, OPERA; 17. Crush, say, PUPPY LOVE; 18. Drive home, BAT IN; 19.Grp. Organizing booster shots, NASA; 20. Like some sweaters, EXERCISING; 22. Very insignificant, TINY; 24. Have legs, LAST; 25. Leather variety, ELK; 28. Piranhas, CARIBES; 31. No-goodnik, RAT; 34. Model quality, POISE; 36. “Paint the Sky With Stars” singer, ENYA; 37. “Written in the Stars” musical, AIDA; 38. Battle of good versus evil, e.g., ENDLESS STRUGGLE; 41. Like many batters, EGGY; 42. Neighbor of Lat., LITH; 43. Place to get clean, REHAB; 44. SEA legs; 45. Western phenomena, SUNSETS; 47. Barrio kinsman, TIO; 48. Very short note, LINE; 50. Bogus, SHAM; 52. 1990s girl group member with a tongue piercing, SCARY SPICE; 56. IPSE dixit; 60. Voiced admiration, OOHED; 61. They’re measured in 55-Downs, SNOWFALLS; 63. Astrologer JEANE DIXON; 64. Be extremely conspicuous, SCREAM OUT; 65. With 66-Across, like water that’s behind you?, UNDER THE BRIDGE.
Down — 1. “1st and 10” airer, ESPN; 2. 44-Across shade, AQUA; 3. Doesn’t merely snack, SUPS; 4. Lecture, say, YAP AT; 5. Whirl, TRY; 6. Capital along Interstate 15, HELENA; 7. It forms a strong bond, EPOXY RESIN; 8. Topic de Freud, REVE; 9. Hungarian city that has hosted two World Puzzle Championships, EGER; 10. “This Boy’s Life” author TOBIAS Wolff; 11. “Not for me”, I PASS; 12. Not make a mistake on something, GET IT RIGHT; 13. Land o’ blarney, ERIN; 14. Was like a bell, RANG; 21. Like a bell, CLEAR; 23. Drink brand with a polar bear mascot, ICEE; 25. Equipment for pentathletes, EPEES; 26. Eraser head?, LONG E; 27. 1962 film starring Elvis Presley as a boxer, KID GALAHAD; 29. R&D locales: Abbr., INST; 30. In droves, BY THE SCORE; 32. Estes was his 1956 running mate, ADLAI; 33. Once-faddish aerobics regimen, TAE BO; 35. Apt to artifice, SLY; 37. It’s always increasing, AGE; 39. Turns sharply, SLUES; 40. Constellation animal, URSA; 45. Tom of “Tomorrow”, SNYDER; 46. What’s used for site-seeing?, THE WEB; 49. The “you” in the lyric “I’ll see you in my dreams”, IRENE; 51. Heat source?, MIAMI; 52. Korean liquor similar to sake, SOJU; 53. Either director of 2010’s “True Grit”, COEN; 54. Nudge alternative, PSST; 55. See 61-Across, INCH; 57. Lumber, PLOD; 58. Hard punch, SLUG; 59. Toward the Atlantic, in Mexico, ESTE; 62. A ways away, FAR.


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