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Saturday, November 17, 2012
Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Extension of the law?, LONG ARM; 8. Side of a diner?, MASHED; 14. Tragic mission, APOLLO I; 15. Jerry-built, ILL-MADE; 16. First bishop of Crete, traditionally, ST TITUS; 17. Hot, RILED UP; 18. Pioneer of slapstick cinema, SENNETT; 19. Old means of crowd control, RIOT ACT; 20. Strike out, say, EDIT; 21. Genesis origin?, SEGA; 23. Hamas rival, FATAH; 24. Bush cabinet member, RICE; 25. Dedication, e.g., RITE; 27. Tiny carps, NITS; 28. Nickelodeon’s “NED'S Declassified School Survival Guide”; 30. Last entrance to close, maybe, MAIN GATE; 32. C.P.A.’s study, TAX CODE; 34. Not pummel, GO EASY ON; 37 2012 honor for “4000 Miles”; 41. 42-Across’s creator, BAUM; 42. Princess in 41-Across books, OZMA; 43. “Tepper ISN’T Going Out” (Calvin Trillin novel); 45. Like the army that “eagle warriors” fought in, AZTEC; 47. Hill people, POLS; 49. Feature of “pasta” and “basta”, RIMA; 50. Send a different way?, REFRACT; 52. Many a bodybuilder’s application, FAKE TAN; 54, Born Blonde maker, CLAIROL; 55. Sleep aid, EYE MASK; 56. Like many bulllies, ALL TALK; 57. Sling mud at, ASPERSE; 58. Make a connection, RELATE; 59. Party hearty, ROISTER.
Down — 1. “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” star, LASSER; 2. Agreed to take part, OPTED IN; 3. “How rude!”, NOT NICE; 4. Was fleetingly brilliant, GLINTED; 5. Old one, in Oldenburg, ALTE; 6. Crushes, ROUTS; .7D. He supplied Lex Luthor with red kryptonite, MISTER MXYZPTLK; 8. Birth year of King Philip I, MLII; 9. Not less than, ALL OF; 10. “The Bartered Bride” composer, SMETANA; 11. Joined the fight, HAD AT IT; 12. School, EDUCATE; 13. They’re plumbed, DEPTHS; 15. Case for a psychoanalyst, IRRATIONAL FEAR; 22. Adventurer Casanova, GIACOMO; 26. Not go on, END; 29. Bullet-catching place?: Abbr., STA; 31. Storm producer, once, GEO; 33. Largest active volcano in Japan, ASO; 34. Fast, graceful runner, GAZELLE; 35. Mouth of a river, OUTFALL; 36. Like some professors, EMERITA; 38. Ancient double-deckers, BIREMES; 39. Query upon witnessing a hanging?, IS IT ART; 40. How hordes adance, EN MASSE; 41. Where to get loaded after loading, BAR CAR; 44. Crude vessel;, TANKER; 46. Stone unit, CARAT; 48. O.K., SAY SO; 51. King of verse, COLE; 53. Zouave headgear, KEPI.

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