11.14.12 — Y : Spanish :: AND : English

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Puzzle by Joe DiPietro / Edited by Will Shortz

Y : Spanish :: AND : English (67-Across), along with HOOKY LADDER (17A. Aid for skipping out of school?), POINTY SHOOT (25A. Sharp-edged plant growth?), PARTY PARCEL (49A. Shipment of noisemakers, e.g.?), FAIRY SQUARE (60A. Area of town where the supernatural hang out?), PROSY CONS (3D. Prisoners who write tediously?) and HARDY FAST (35D. Robust religious observance?), constitutes the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.
Other — AL DENTE (7D. Spaghetti specification), APPLIQUE (41D. Sewn-on decoration), ARAPAHO (40A. Allies of the Cheyenne), CAR TRIP (44D. Traditional family vacation), DAYS PAST (5D. A previous time), LUTISTS and LYRIST (29D. Minstrels, often; 10D. Apollo, for one, musically speaking), MINT TEA (38A. Herbal drink), WHOOPEE (23D. Shout of exuberance).
Mid-size — ACHED, ALIEN, AMPED, AUGHT, Chick COREA, COYLY, DARE I, EAT IT (69A. First Top 40 hit for Weird Al Yankovic), EIEIO, EYEFUL, I LOSE and I WISH, LOOPY, Santa MARIA, MOOSE (2D. State animal of Maine), OLOGY, PERON, PIOUS, PIZZA, ROPED, Katey SAGAL, Opera SERIA, SNERT, SO AM I, TIE TO, “Tony n’ TINA’S Wedding“, TORSO, UNSER (66A. Auto-racing family name), UNTIL.
Short stuff — AGE, ANO and UNO, ARCS, CLAM, Susan DEY, EARP (39D. Dodge bullet dodger), EEK-A-Mouse, ERG, ESS, ETA, FAN, GOD, III, ITO and IOU, LOOM, MENA Suvari, MHO, OH MY, PMS, SENS, SI SI, “Try SOME“, SPED, TONI Morrison, YDS, YEAR, YON, ZEE and “ZIP your lip!”.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Excited, informally; 6. Katey of “Married With Children”; 11. What a clock checker might want to know, in brief; 14. Jazzman Chick; 15. Science suffix; 16. Chit; 19. Physics unit; 20. What opens and closes safes?; 22. “If only”; 24. Susan of “The Partridge Family”; 28. Blabber’s opposite; 30. Connect with; 31. Dutifully reverent; 33. Actress Suvari, co-star of “American Pie”; 34. “Jeepers!”; 42. Emphatic Spanish assent; 43. Rockets’ paths; 45. 1950s coup victim; 48. Did 80, say; 53. Running back’s stat: Abbr.; 56. “You win”; 57. Novelist Morrison; 58. One shooting the breeze?; 64. Final letter; 65. Up to; 68. Daft. — DOWN: 1. Needed a massage, say; 4.. Reggae’s ___-A-Mouse; 6. “Same goes for me”; 8. Mount Olympus dweller; 9. Bio figure; 11. Children’s song refrain; 12. Arms flank it; 13. Zero; 18. Tapestry-making device; 27. Wine bottle datum; 29. Minstrels, often; 31. U.K. V.I.P.’s; 32. First Super Bowl that was actually called a Super Bowl; 36. Old unit of conductance; 37. In the distance; 47. Quite the looker; 48. D.C. 100: Abbr.; 49. Something delivered in a box; 50. Not native; 51. Cordoned (off); 52. With faux shyness; 54. Words before ask or suggest; 55. Comic strip canine; 61. “I’ll take that as ___”; 62. Skater Midori; 63. Italian article.

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