11.16.12 — In the Court

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers".
~ Act IV, Scene II, Henry VI, Part 2, William Shakespeare
Friday, November 16, 2012
Puzzle by Victor Fleming / Edited by Will Shortz

This Friday's commanding crossword features a fair amount of order in the court …

REASONABLE DOUBT (17A. Cause for acquittal)
PROVIDE EVIDENCE (62A. Show some photos, perhaps)
STANDARD OF PROOF (3D. Something applied to a suit)
COURT APPEARANCE (12D. Date with a judge?)

… along with ANSWER ME (38D. Grilling demand), STOLEN CAR (66A. Ride in a joyride, often), THREATENS (68A. Cows) and WRIT (56A. Means of enforcing compliance).

Other — CADDIED, GOLF PRO and PAR (37A. Worked for a 40-Across; 40A. Paid driver?; 62D. 40-Across’s concern), DEAR GOD and OH BOTHER (34D. “Heavens!”; 13D. “Such a headache!”), EPSILON (18D. Fifth star in a constellation), HIT THE HAY (15A. Turn in), “He LEADETH Me”; NABISCO, TREVOR Morgan, TV SEASONS.
Mid-size — ALOHA, Many A MOON, CLOTH (11D. Yard sale?), ERATO (57A. Versifier’s inspiration), GEARS, LSATS, Marilyn MCCOO, MR MET, NEAT-O, O’HARAS, OTTER, PALIN, PETRO, REFRY, SAVOR, SCRIP, SEISM, SENOR, SMILE, THRALL (1D. One held in bondage), TIN CAN, VIEW AS (2D. Consider).
Short stuff — AHI, On A HOT streak, ANO and ANT, AWN, CANT, DEMI and DIME, ENT and EST and ETS, FLEW, HTTP, IDEA, LADS, MADE, NILE (45A. The Imbaba Bridge spans it), NSF, OAT, OOLA (35A. Dancer enslaved by Jabba the Hutt), PEC, PICO Rivera, PROG rock, RUED, SAIL, STUD, SYL, TINY, TORI, TWPS.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Spans usually starting in the fall; 10. Marilyn of R&B; 16. Lei Day “hey”; 19. Beard of botany; 20. “___ & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” (reality series); 21. Prefix with chemical; 22. Buckos; 24. Scratches; 26. Millions of addresses start with it; 28. Exams for students potentially most interested in this puzzle’s theme, in brief; 30. Rx order; 32. Yellowfin, on a menu; 33. Wanted to undo; 36. Contracted muscle?; 42. Brazilian calendar span; 43. Go through channels?; 46. Cause of a bank fee, briefly; 47. Big-headed major-league mascot; 40. Far out; 52. Local govt. units; 54. Set for biking; 59. Prefix with god; 61. One to emulate in an Aesop fable; 65. Many ___ (quite some while); 67. Prepare, as soon beans. — DOWN: 4. Subjects of an as-yet-fruitless search, briefly; 6. Caballero; 7. Family in a Margaret Mitchell best seller; 8. Company with a triangular logo; 9. One of four in mythology?: Abbr.; 10. Arrived in time for; 14. Nosebag nibble; 23. Formalwear accessory; 25. ___ rock (music genre); 27. ___ Rivera (Los Angeles suburb); 29. Earth-shaking event; 31. “Maverick” runner of 2008; 37. Slope; 39. Stopping point?; 41. Raced; 44. “He ___ Me” (old hymn); 48. Actor Morgan of “The Sixth Sense”; 50. Grocery container; 51. Fun-loving fishers; 53. Not gobble, say; 55. Prepare to be snapped; 58. Elfin; 60. A good one is often carried out; 63. Fig. followed by “or so”; 64. One who might write an Rx for drops.


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