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Chain Gang - Thomas Hart Benton
Monday, November 12, 2012
Puzzle by Randall J. Hartman / Edited by Will Shortz

SANTA CRUZ (17A. City with a boardwalk on Monterey Bay), CHEVROLET CRUZE (27A. General Motors sedan), CARNIVAL CRUISE (49A. Vacation on the Caribbean, maybe) and WORK CREWS (65A. Chain gangs, e.g.) constitute the interrelated group of this back-to-work Monday crossword.
Other — ABSENCE (9D. Failure to appear), ALL WET, AT NO TIME (38D. Never), CLAPTRAP (10D. Mumbo-jumbo), DAZZLE, ENTIRE, HIRES ON (43D. Gets a job), I AGREE, IT’S / ALIVE (26D. With 18-Down, exclamation in “Frankenstein”), SEAMAN, SEETHE.
Short stuff — AGUE, A-ONE, Thick AS A brick, DISC, “Yaba dabba DOO!”, EASY, EDNA and ETNA, EGAD, ELEM, ELLA Fitzgerald, ENDS, ENYA, ERA and EVA, ESC, EXAM, GARP, GEAR, IRMA, Krazy KAT, LAO, LEDA and LENA, LINT, MR T, Yoko ONO, OPT, ORAL, OREO, ORYX (59D. African antelope), O SAY, OWNS, OXEN, PAID, PELE, PEZ, POSE, REST, RIM, SAGA, SLAV, SRS, TALC and TLC, TEXT.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. One-named soccer legend; 5. “Holy guacamole!”; 9. Gary Oldman or Paul Newman; 14. Plow animals; 15. It’s a long story; 16. Sound over a subway’s public address system, e.g.; 19. Retail activity; 20. Online messages; 21. Candy from a dispenser; 22. Florida theme park; 23. Viewing point at the Grand Canyon; 25. Fabric fluff; 35. Sicilian volcano; 36. Hand on deck; 37. Rombauer who wrote “Joy of Cooking”; 39. Choose, with “for”; 41. Took care of, as bills; 42. Do a slow burn; 45. Radon or radium: Abbr.; 48. 12th graders: Abbr.; 52. Kind of testimony; 57. Mekong Valley native; 60. Arctic home; 64. Fashion designer Perry; 67. San Antonio mission; 68. One-named New Age singer; 69. Poet ___ St. Vincent Millay; 71. Phone-to-phone communication; 72. “Calm down!” — DOWN: 1. Sit for a photo; 2. Typical semester finish; 3. Olin of “Enemies, a Love Story”; 4. Total; 5. Emergency PC key; 6. “The World According to ___”; 7. Fever fit; 8. Bowl over; 11. Powder on a puff; 12. Cookie that can be readily stacked; 13. One of the R’s of R&R; 24. 1980s actor with a Mohawk; 27. Jazz pianist Chick; 28. Four-bagger; 29. Singer Yoko; 30. Place for a flag pin; 31. Bay State sch.; 32. Congo, formerly; 33. Termini; 34. Tiddlywink or Frisbee; 38. Never; 40. Pampering, for short; 44. Little ___, who sang “Do the Loco-Motion with me”; 46. Memorable time; 47. The “M” of MTV; 50. Completely wrong; 51. “Amen!”; 54. Tent, sleeping bag, hiking shoes, etc.; 55. Scat queen Fitzgerald; 56. Eastern European; 58. Top-flight; 61. Helen of Troy’s mother; 62. Holds the deed to; 63. “The Star-Spangled Banner” opener.


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