04.30.13 — No Two Sound Alike

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Puzzle by Lynn Lempel / Edited by Will Shortz

NO TWO SOUND ALIKE (40A. What’s odd about th ends of the answers to the four starred clues), WINS BY A NOSE (17A. *Triumphs, but barely), SAN JOSE (21A. * First capital of California), LOW DOSE (54A. *Nonfatal amount of radiation, say) and YOU CAN’T LOSE (64A. *Huckster’s pitch) constitute the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword.
Other — BABY DOC (18D. Nickname of Haiti’s Duvalier, ousted in 1986), NATURE WALK (28D. Activity led by a park ranger, perhaps), PEJORATIVE (11D. Disparaging),TEQUILA (24D. Margarita need), ARIA (14A. Song heard at 15-Across) and THE MET (15A. Manhattan cultural landmark).



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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Signature pieces?; 5. Gets outta there fast; 11. “The Purloined Letter” writer; 16. Finale; 19. Moonshine holder; 20. Natural seasoning; 23. Boom’s opposite on Wall Street; 25. Regatta implement; 26. Family chain with a Grand Slam breakfast; 30. List shortcut: Abbr.; 33. Belfry occupants; 38. African antelope; 37. Baseball catcher’s stance; 39. It might be given to a waiter or a police investigator; 43. Core component of a PC; 44. Little doll; 45. Bacon of “Mystic River”; 46. Spice’s cousin; 48. Subj. for some green card holders; 49. Hate with a passion; 50. Meas. of brain activity; 52. Big do; 58. Botch; 63. A Gershwin; 66. Silent __ (White House nickname); 67. Shape of many a ski chalet; 68. Part of a.m.; 69. Animal roaming the Rockies; 70. Shopaholics’ hangouts; 71. Ivan the Terrible for one. — DOWN: 1. What dogs “shake hands” with; 2. Lake ___, 1813 battle site; 3. Ship of 1492; 4. Bratty talk; 5. Phonograph needs; 6. Schmoozes; 7. Stimpy’s TV pal; 8. Half of an old radio comedy duo; 9. Small plateau; 10. Pro at shorthand; 11. Disparaging; 12. Unpleasant duty; 13. Periphery; 22. Quick punch; 26. Dame Judi of film; 27. Get right to the honeymoon, say; 29. Opposite of SSE; 31. Something whistled; 32 Rogue; 34. Polynesian carvings; 35. Utterly exhausted; 37. Teetotalers they’re not; 38. “Eat in” alternative; 41. Mystery novelist Grafton; 42. Tennis judge’s cry; 47. River bottom; 49. Unmanned aircraft; 51. “The Naked Maja” and other paintings; 53 “Hot” lover; 54. Itchy dog’s woe; 55. Spoken; 56. Tenderhearted; 57. Continental coin; 59. Venetian blind section; 60. Immense time spans; 61. Org. with a national center named for Billie Jean King; 62. “Equal; 65. “Wheels”.


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