05.09.13 — HI MOM

Thursday, May 9, 2013
Puzzle by Patrick Merrell/ Edied by Will Shortz

H I M O M is found in the middle of this sweet Thursday crossword in unchecked squares, somewhat clued by BETWEEN THE LINES (17A. Interstitially, say), WONDER WOMAN (28A. Wearer of a red-starred tiara), LEADING LADY (47A. Marquee actress) and last but not least, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY (58A. May delivery).
Other — IT’S USELESS (63A. “Why bother?!“), JOE COOL (2D. Cartoon character with shades), TESLAS (36A. Modern electric cars), VOICE COACH (15A. Singer or actor’s helper).


My friends, I am resolved upon the deed; at once will I slay my children and then leave this land, without delaying long enough to hand them over to some more savage hand to butcher. Needs must they die in any case; and since they must, I will slay them-I, the mother that bare them. O heart of mine, steel thyself! Why do I hesitate to do the awful deed that must be done? Come, take the sword, thou wretched hand of mine! Take it, and advance to the post whence starts thy life of sorrow! Away with cowardice! Give not one thought to thy babes, how dear they are or how thou art their mother. This one brief day forget thy children dear, and after that lament; for though thou wilt slay them yet they were thy darlings still, and I am a lady of sorrows. ~ Medea by Euripides, 431 B. C., translated by E. P. Coleridge



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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Allowing some ventilation, say; 5. ___ in the park; 10 Org. with Divisions I, II and II; 14. Teen woe; 19. Brit’s tea ---; 20. Hosts prefer them; 21. “___ see”; 22. Nina ___ (fashion label); 26. Keep an ___ (watch); 31. Bitter herb; 32. One in the doghouse:?; 33. Card reader, briefly; 34. ‘40s blowups; 40. Tokyo strip?; 42. Kind of screen; 46. Grantor Carter; 50. Twofold; 52. Verso’s flip side; 53. Explanation that doesn’t explain anything, informally; 54. Surname in punk rock; 56. Follower of a list of names; 64. Title parent in a TLC reality series; 65. Coop sound; 66. Plot line; 67. Northern duck. — DOWN: 1. Government rep.; 3. Fats Domino’s first name; 4. Melees; 5. Caesar’s greeting; 6. Captured; 7. Island in the Thames; 8. “To life!”; 9. Start for a shipbuilder; 10. Like melees; 11. Runs along; 12. Beats, as the competition; 13. Sounds at a fireworks display; 16. Lawyer’s need; 18. Literary character who says “Gentle reader, may you never feel what I then felt!; 21. Personal letters; 23. Declaration that might precede a fold; 24. 100 lbs.; 25. Can; 27. Super ___; 29. Children’s author who won three Edgars; 30. Bless, in a way; 35. Title boy in a 1964 Disney film; 36. Space maker; 37. Certain monarchy; 38. Nerve junction; 39. Solder and others; 41. Certain lighter or highlighter; 43. Driving surface; 44. Flatter servilely; 45. End of a school series; 48. Dark circle; 49. Attendee; 51. Boost, as sound; 55. The Rio Grande divides it: Abbr.; 57. Clucks of disappointment; 58. In; 59. Neighbor of 55-Down; 60. Confucian scholar Chu ___; 61. End of a count?; 62. Poison source in Christie’s “A Pocket Full of Rye”.


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