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"Shadowed by the world’s highest sand dunes, this simple wooden outhouse offers a breathtaking backdrop. The red dunes of the Namib Desert provide a stunning display as light, colour and shadow change by the minute. This solitary toilet bears witness to the constant movement of endless skies and shifting sands."  Dune 45, Sossusvlei, Namib Naukluft Park, Africa


Sunday, May 26, 2013

“Made-For-TV Movies” Crossword by Joon Pahk and Jeremy Horwitz
Edited by Will Shortz

Having seen only two of the films and none of the television programs utilized in the seven long answers of this strugglesome Sunday crossword, there’s little to say, especially with many of the clues for the down answers being of scant help in a rather clumsy solve.  The seven:

TAXI STAND BY ME (23A. TV movie about … where I can easily get a cab?)
OUT HOUSE IN AFRICA (30A. … where to go in Togo?)
THREE CHEERS AMIGOS (47A. … a Hispanic “hip hip hooray”?)
SAY ANYTHING MONK (62A … trying to get a friar to violate his vow of silence?)
BREAKFAST GLEE CLUB (83A. … a singing group that meets for bacon and eggs?)
COOL HAND SOAP LUKE (97A. … Skywalker’s trendy hygiene products?)
GET LOST SHORTY (111A. … giving a pipsqueak the brush-off?)


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