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Pinocchio, Walt Disney


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. What’s “all in my brain,” in a 1967 rock classic, PURPLE HAZE; 11. Dynasty founded by Yu the Great, HSIA; 15. Like some majors and wars, UNDECLARED; 16. Capping, ATOP; 17. Be peerless, STAND ALONE; 18. Blacks out, BANS; 19. Little Joe’s half brother of old TV, HOSS; 20. Einstein’s death, TOD; 21. Preakness, e.g., HORSE; 22. Image mentale, IDEE; 24. First created being, in myth, CHAOS; 26. Stand-up comic known for irreverent sermonettes, DAVID STEINBERG; 31. Form’s top, perhaps, LINE A; 32. Make inseparable, WELD; 33. River forming the Handegg waterfall, AAR; 49. Having one 49-Across, IN G; 35. Winner of seven tennis majors in the 1920s, LACOSTE; 38. Material in the translation process, RNA; 39. Caterpillar roll ingredient, EEL; 40. Operation creation, SLIT; 41. Java class?, DECAF; 43. Do a vanishing act, DROP OUT OF SIGHT; 47. Jezebel’s lack, SHAME; 48. One housed in a chest, LUNG; 49. See 34-Across, SHARP; 51. “Dear” one, SIR; 52. Diamond stats, RBIS; 56. Decimal starter, HEXA; 57. Microsoft Office feature, POWERPOINT; 60. Figure taking a bow?, EROS; 61. No-strings declaration?, I’M A REAL BOY; 62. DONE deal; 63. “So Wrong” singer, 1962, PATSY CLINE.

David Steinberg and David Steinberg

Down — 1. Labor leader’s cry?, PUSH; 2. It may precede itself; UNTO; 3. Stds. For A and E, e.g., RDAS; 4. Seriously thinking, PENSIVE; 5. Monitor option, LCD; 6. High, ELATED; 7. Headbands?, HALOES; 8. Longtime teammate of Mr. November, AROD; 9. Eastern state?, ZEN; 10. City near Utrecht, EDE; 11. Violent sandstorm, HABOOB; 12. Old TV show hosted by Ed McMahon, STAR SEARCH; 13. Makeup of some beans, IONS; 14. Basilica niche, APSE; 21. Submitted, HANDED IN; 23. Product named for its “round the clock protection”, DIAL SOAP; 24. Broccoli bits?, CEES; 25. Foil component, HILT; 26. Building with many sides, DINER; 27. Fifth-century invader, ANGLO SAXON; 28. TWO-TO-one; 29. Stormed, RAN AT; 30. Winner of 14 tennis majors in the 1990s, GRAF; 31. Wasn’t straight, LIED; 36. Many a college interviewer, ALUM; 37. Reference, CITE; 42. Cylindrical menu item, EGG ROLL; 44. What outer space is that cyberspace isn’t?, PHRASE; 45. Circular stack, FLIERS; 46. Epsom’s setting, SURREY; 49. Leave one’s coat behind?, SHED; 50. Saving type, HERO; 51. Performer of high-risk operations, SWAT; 53. Mideastern P.M.’s nickname, BIBI; 54. Not blind to, IN ON; 55. Affliction whose name rhymes with its location, STYE; 57. Vegas spot, PIP; 58. German granny, OMA; 59. American crossroads, e.g., PAC.


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Unknown said...

One across in the list, purple rain? On the grid purple haze. Almost a 20 year difference.