05.04.13 — Ne'er-Do-Well


Joseph Jefferson as Rip Van Winkle, 1896
Saturday, May 4, 2013
Puzzle by Doug Peterson and Brad Wilber
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. “Good point”, THIS IS TRUE; 11. Right hand: Abbr., ASST; 15. Yarn suppliers?, RACONTEURS; 16. What severe cuts may result in, briefly, TKOS; 17. Lacking in drawing power?, INARTISTIC; 18. Succumb to interrogation, TALK; 19. Roughly half of all N.B.A. M.V.P.’s, CENTERS; 20. Will Rogers props, RIATAS; 22. Flavoring compound, ESTER; 23. Resident of Angola, Brazil or Lebanon, HOOSIER; 25. Ne’er-do-well who stayed out for a long time?, RIP VAN WINKLE; 29. Darth, in his boyhood, ANI; 32. Mulberry cousin, MAUVE; 33. It’s marked way down, STEAL; 34. Sweet-tempered type, LAMB; 36. Argue, CLASH; 38. Sylvia SYMS of jazz; 39. For the stated value, AT PAR; 41. Something to believe in, CREED; 43. Getaway destination, SPA; 44. #5 of the American Film Institute’s al-time top 100 movie villains, NURSE RATCHED; 47. Composer who said “Give me a laundry list and I’ll set it to music”, ROSSINI; 48. U.S. city that’s a girl’s name, SELMA; 52. Hole, CAVITY; 53. Boost, RAISE UP; 55. “Alias” actress; 56. Creator of Wildfell Hall, ANNE BRONTË; 59. Different, ELSE; 60. Law still in effect but no longer enforced, DEAD LETTER; 61. Mr. NYET (moniker for Andrei Gromyko); 62. Show with a peanut gallery, HOWDY DOODY.
Down: 1. Twinkling, TRICE; 2. Waistband brand, HANES; 3. “Impossible”, I CAN’T; 4. Many a Laundromat patron, SORTER; 5. Stopgap, INTERIM; 6. Move around, STIR; 7. Angel Clare’s wife, in literature, TESS; 8. Groovy track?, RUT; 9. Altdorf is its capital, URI; 10. What money may be placed in, ESCROW; 11. Stigmas, ATTAINTS; 12. Quaint toe clamp tighteners, SKATE KEYS; 13. Green light?, SOLAR LAMP; 14. Sounds of admonishment, TSKS; 23. Swiss alternative, HAVARTI; 24. “Almost there …”, ONE SEC; 26. Super PAC; 27. Planet destroyed in 2009’s “Star Trek”, VULCAN; 28. Jewelry designer ELSA Peretti; 29. Chiropractor on “Two and a Half Men”, ALAN; 30. “Of course!”, NATURALLY; 31. Be a make-up artist?, IMPROVISE; 35. Where a new delivery may be placed?, BASSINET; 37. Villain’s sinister syllable, HEH; 40. Ubiquitous prescription, REST; 42. Like items on Christmas lists, DESIRED; 45. Setting of King Fahd Road, RIYADH; 46. Firelite of the 1950s, e.g., DESOTO; 49. Measures taken slowly?, LENTO; 50. Quiet and soft, MUTED; 51. Impressionism?, APERY; 52. Either “True Grit” director, COEN; 53. “Tennessee Waltz” lyricist REDD Stewart; 54. Without fumbling, ABLY; 57. Con’s opening?, NEO; 58. Hick’s nix, NAW.



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