05.24.13 — Careless Abandon


Friday, May 24, 2013

Puzzle by Joe Krozel / Edited by Will Shortz

Twelve fifteen-letter answers constitute the main feature of this fearsome Friday crossword:

HAS AN INTEREST IN (17A. Is curious about)
PROCRASTINATING (24A. Off-putting?)
GASOLINE STATION (31A. It may help you get from E to F)
CARELESS ABANDON (41A. Bad quality for dangerous work)
RAN A CLOSE SECOND (48A. Barely lost)
TOLERANCE LEVELS (58A. Drug study data)
BOSTON STRANGLER (3D. Notorious 1960s figure)
GENERAL ELECTRIC (5D. Company of which Thomas Edison was once a director)
HONKS ONE’S HORN AT (6D. Greets with a beep)
THESIS STATEMENT (8D. Doctoral candidate’s starting point)
THE SAHARA DESSERT (9D. Large portion of Africa)
PETRIFIED FOREST (11D. Source of hardwood?)


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THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS:  1. Comparable in extent; 6. Old White House inits.; 9. Convertible setting; 14. Holdings; 15. “Look at that!”; 16. Laughing ___; 20. N.Y.C. line; 21. Some bulls; 22. Stranded message?; 23. Place to hang something; 228. Museum funding org.; 29. Scale markings: Abbr.; 30. Pajama-clad exec.; 37. Word with place or prayer; 38. Stretch (out); 39. Besmirch; 40. Long time; 45. Put away; 46. Google finding; 54. H.S. subj.; 55. Rocky mount; 56. ___ o menos (basically, in Spanish); 57. Pooh pal; 62. ‘90’s soccer great Lalas; 63. Prince Valiant’s son; 64. Onetime big name in daytime talk; 65. Georges who wrote “Life” A User’s Manual”; 66. See 67-Across; 67. With 66-Across, little source of carbs.  —  DOWN:  1. “___ of fools sailing on” (Wang Chung lyric); 2. 1998’s ___ Report; 4. Pension supplement, for short; 7. One perhaps having one too many; 10. Cries of despair; 12. 18-Down, for one; 13. Consumer products firm since 1837, informally; 18. Dockworker’s grp.; 19. Infomercial pioneer Popeil; 25. Fig. at the top of an organizational chart; 26. Lao-___; 27. Asian holiday; 31. Big maker of S.U.V.’s; 32. Moody’s rating; 32. Presidential nickname; 34. It may be clicked on a computer; 35. Cargo on the Spanish Main; 36. Grandmother, to Brits; 42. Fraternity letter; 43. Start of a cheer; 44. Japanese computer giant; 48. Draw on again; 49. Tropical lizard; 50. Mauna ___; 51. Mineo of movies; 52. “I’m serious!”; 53. Nurse, at times; 59. Computer file suffix; 60. ___-Magnon; 61. Intl. broadcaster.

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