05.10.13 — Is That All There Is?

Berrien County Little League, Blues farm team, circa 1960.
Friday, May 10, 2013
Puzzle by Derek Bowman / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Finish differently, say, RESTAIN; 8. 1950s backup group with four top 10 hits, COMETS; 14. Stars are recognized with them, OSCAR NODS; 17. Clear as mud, so to speak, OPAQUE; 18. It may have pop-ups, STORY BOOK; 19. Scott BAKULA who co-starred on TV’s “Men of a Certain Age”; 20. “Incredible!”, YOWZA; 21. Not just surmise, KNOW; 23. Closest to zero, LEAST; Years, in Tours, ANS; 26. Oakland daily, for short; TRIB; 28. “Unfortunately …”, ALAS; 29. Deutschland “de”, VON; 31. Phoenix setting: Abbr., MST; 33. D.C. nine, NATS; 35. It has short stops, LITTLE LEAGUE TEAM; 41. “What, no more?, IS THAT ALL THERE IS; 42.Places for a 35-Across, BASEBALL DIAMONDS; 43. AS NO other (matchlessly); 44. Satyajit Ray’s “The APU Trilogy”; 45. Bill in a bow tie, NYE; 46. Tarantula hawk, e.g., WASP; 49. Band options, AM FM; 51. Dreamworks SKG; 53. Phoenix setting?, ASHES; 55. Jacuzzi session, SOAK; 57. “A COAT of Varnish” (C. P. Snow novel); 61. Chemistry test topic, ISOMER; 63. Cursorily, AT A GLANCE; 65. Certain Mexican-American, TEJANO; 66. Where to come to grips with things?, MOVIE SETS; 67. Tight, STINGY; 68. Purports, ALLEGES.

Down — 1. Looking up, ROSY; 2. This, in Tijuana, ESTO; 3. Trash hauler, SCOW; 4. Much-filmed swinger, TARZAN THE APE MAN; 5. Ancient Dravidian’s displacer, ARYAN; 6. Like Chopin’s Mazurka Op. 56 No. 1, IN B; 7. Sony Reader competitor, NOOK; 8. Middle ear?, COB; 9. It’s often set in a ring, OPAL; 10. Serve well in court, MAKE A STRONG CASE; 11. Come to EQUAL; 12. Hometown of the band Hanson, TULSA; 13. Party prizes?, SEATS; 15. “Shh! It’s a secret!:, DON’T TELL; 16. Hershey bar, SKOR; 22. Brogue feature, WINGTIP; 25. “The Moldau” composer, SMETANA; 7. Mies van der Rohe was its last director, BAUHAUS; 29. Something needing a stamp, VIA; 30. Giant giant’s family, OTTS; 32. “Giant” events, SLALOMS; 34. Be overrun, TEEM; 35. Party label for Brit. P. M. William Gladstone, LIB; 36. Culture centers?, LABS; 37. Chuck Schumer’s predecessor in the Senate, AL DAMATO; 38. Kids’ rhyme starter, EENY; 39. Congress person, AIDE; 40. Works for an editor: Abbr., MSS; 46. Takes orders, say, WAITS; 47. Concern of I.R.S. Form 8594, ASSET; 48. Japanese sliding door, SHOJI; 5. Head makeup, FOAM; 51. Superman’s name on Krypton, KAL EL; 54. Hong Kong’s Hang SENG Index; 56. Polynesian drink, KAVA; 58. Pull felt on Earth, ONE G; 59. Part of a French play, ACTE; 60. Cher’s role in “Burlesque”, TESS; 62. “The Natural” hero ROY Hobbs; 64. Former Mets manager GIL Hodges.


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Anonymous said...

A better and more accurate clue for 58 down would be "pull felt at sea".

Bill said...

I think Carol Burnett did the Tarzan call better that Weismuller. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GskMWHSpAs

Anonymous said...

Bill, that's excellent, it's wonderful that we had a native speaker recorded. What? That's just bushwa?
The real question is did hers beat George of the Jungles?