05.31.13 — Existence

Friday, May 31, 2013

Puzzle by Josh Knapp / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. “You doubt me?”, AM I WRONG; 9. “Titus” director Taylor, JULIE; 14. Disappointing screen message, GAME OVER; 15. Series of movements, SONATA; 16. Start of a court display, EXHIBIT A; 17. Commensurate (with), ON A PAR; 18. What we may be overseas?, NOUS; 19. Relative of a bathysphere, DIVING BELL; 21. Limp Bizkit front man Fred, DURST; 23. Ingredient in some pastitsio, ZITI; 24. Sacha Baron Cohen character, ALI G; 25. Football stat., ATT; 26. 21, in blackjack, ACE TEN; 28. Have words (with), SPAR; 29. Earl of Sandwich, e.g., EPONYM; 30. What was once yours?, THINE; 31. Some charge cards, informally, AMEXES; 34. Wee, TEENSY; 35. Florentine tourist attraction, DAVID; 36. Certainly didn’t roar, MEOWED; 39. Bellicose figure, ARES; 40. Feature of a daredevil circus act, CANNON; 41. Dirt collector, MAT; 44. Guinness measurement, PINT; 45. Kool & the Gang’s “Get Down ON IT”; 46. Unsolicited manuscripts, informally, SLUSH; 48. Get off the ground, TAKE FLIGHT; 51. Instruction for a violinist, ARCO; 52. It follows a curtain opening, SCENE I; 53. Hood’s support, MERRYMEN; 55. Stir, THE CAN; 56. Breather?, AQUA LUNG; 57. Gretsky, for most of the 1980s, OILER; 58. Manages, STEWARDS.

Down — 1. Big to-do, maybe?, AGENDA; 2. Push to the limit, MAX OUT; 3. “That cuts me to the quick”, I’M HURT; 4. Houdini’s real name, WEISS; 5. Take the money and run?, ROB; 6. J. M. W. Turner’s “OVID Banished From Rome”; 7. You Tuber, e.g.., NETIZEN; 8. It keeps people grounded, GRAVITY; 9. “Fear of Flying” author, JONG; 10. Brazen, UNABASHED; 11. Accessory to a suit, LAPEL PIN; 12. Many early 20th-century U.S. immigrants, ITALIANS; 13. Blend with bergamot, EARL GREY; 15. SON-IN-law; 20. Gossip column subject, ITEM; 22. Not live, TAPED; 27. Function of mathematics: Abbr., COS; 29. It’s a living thing, EXISTENCE; 30. Much of the Disney Channel’s demographic, TEENS; 31. Gets comfortable with, ADAPTS TO; 32. Style played on a guitarrón, MARIACHI; 33. State of stability, EVEN KEEL; 34. Shout repeated at a basketball game, TWO; 36. MANI-pedi; 37. Causes of head-scratching, ENIGMAS; 38. Hush-hush, ON THE QT; 40. Farrell of “In Bruges”, COLIN; 41. Hushed sound, MURMUR; 42. Get high, ASCEND; 43. Strings along a beach, THONGS; 47. 1972 hit that begins “What’ll you do when you get lonely…?, LAYLA; 49. “FEAR leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering”: Yoda; 50. “You have a point”, TRUE; 54. Naked, RAW.


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Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, Weiss is not a valid alternate spelling of Erik Weisz's name. He was a jew from Hungary. Ehrich Weiss is a germanized spelling that he used, but it was not his "real" name.