05.11.13 — Location


Saturday, May 11, 2013
Puzzle by Matt Ginsberg / Edited by Will Shortz
This seaworthy Saturday crossword features LOCATION (61A. Place) as a clue for four cross-referenced answers with their location in the puzzle to be imagined as parts of those answers, e.g., TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT and RIGHT.
A-ONE (56D. 1-Across*) and DRAWER (1A. Chest piece) = [TOP] DRAWER
CARP (13D. 68-Across*) and BOTTOM (68A. The Missouri to the Mississippi) = [BOTTOM] FEEDER
SAILED (25A. 33-Down*) and PORT (33D. Strong wine) = [LEFT] PORT
AT ONCE (49A. 32-Down*) and AWAY (32D. Out) = [RIGHT] AWAY
* taking into account its 61-Across
While the print version of the puzzle has “taking into account its 61-Across” in italics after the clue list, referring to the four clues with asterisks, the online version adds the phrase to the four clues.

Other — BASILICA (7A. St. John‘s, for one), DESK SETS (67A. Classic graduation gifts), ENIWETOK (65A. 1950s H-bomb test site), HARA KIRI (18A. Act in “The Last Samurai“), I HAVE NO IDEA (10D. “Beats me!”), LIKED TO (11D. Did with enjoyment), PARAGUAY (33A Where the Guarani is cash), ROGUE STATES (2D. Iran, North Korea and the like), TAKES TO (46A. Shows an aptitude for), URBAN II (39A. Pope who started the First Crusade), WINDY DAY (44A. Good occasion for kite-flying), WOJTYLA (4D. John Paul II, originally), YANGTZE (45D. Site of the Three Gorges Dam).

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 15. Fish that attaches itself to a host; 16. Like the Congressional Record; 17. Biblical prophet whose name means “Yahweh is my God”; 19. St. John’s, for one; 20. Kneecap, e.g.; 22. Dick and Al, recently; 23. Like King Sargon II: Abbr.; 27. Author of “Herding Cats: A Life in Politics”; 29. Latin rock band featured at Woodstock; 37. Milk source, to a kid; 38. Vein gloriousness?; 41. Tokyo Rose’s real first name; 42. German chocolate brand; 48. Mother of the Titans; 51. Home of more than 900 volcanoes; 55. White House girl; 58. Western setting; 60. Just under half a penny’s weight; 63. Ostrich, e.g.; 66. Dermatological concern; 67. Classic graduation gifts. — DOWN: 1. ___ blank; 2. Transfers often entail them, informally; 3. Bahrain bigwigs: Var.; 5. Span of a ruler, maybe; 6. First name in Chicago politics; 7. Part of the coast of Brazil; 8. Estée Lauder fragrance for men; 9. TV or monitor part: Abbr.; 12 Ellington band vocalist Anderson; 14. Father/daughter fighters; 21. Take ___ at; 26. Veneer, e.g.; 28. Ask, for as assistance; 30. It’s not basic; 31. Astronomical figure?; 34. “La donna è mobile,” e.g.; 35. Give off, with “of”; 36. Not pitch or roll, say; 40. Big uranium exporter; 43. Twin-engine Navy helicopter; 47. Hoofing it; 50. Abruptly stops, with “out”; 52. Like mummies; 53. Instruction written in currants for Alice; 54. Campaign dirty trick; 55. Coast, in a way; 57. Univ. grouping; 59. Nonkosher; 62. Samson’s end?; 64. Pal.


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