05.29.13 — With IN

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Puzzle by Gary Cee / Edited by Will Shortz

With “IN” and whatever-down comprises the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword:

HAT / HAND (14A. With “n” and 2-Down, with respectful humility)
JUST / CASE (19A. With “in” and 12-Down, as a precaution)
BEST / SHOW (24A. With “in” and 25-Down, blue ribbon earner)
NEXT / LINE (53A. With “in” and 41-Down, heir to the throne)
TAKE / VAIN (62A. With “in” and 55-Down, use without proper respect, as a name)
LIE / WAIT (68A. With “in” and 60-Down, prepare for an ambush)

Other — FERVENT (44D. Impassioned), I SURRENDER (11D. “Uncle!”), METAPHOR (28A. Sand in an hourglass, for time), NINE IRON (49A. Club providing lots of loft), REJOICE (10D. Celebrate), SATIN DOLL (37D. Duke Ellington classic), TRAIL BIKES (30D. Off-road rides), TWO BALL (40A. It’s solid blue, in pool), WENT TO POT (6D. Deteriorated).


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