05.03.13 — Angst

The Remorse of Orestes
or Orestes Pursued by the Furies, 1862
William-Adolphe Bouguereau
Friday, May 3, 2013
Puzzle by David Kwong / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Singer’s tongue, YIDDISH; 8. Fast delivery, AIRMAIL; 15. First name in online news, ARIANNA; 16. Detox, say, CLEANSE; 17. Autobiographical book by Carrie Fisher, WISHFUL DRINKING; 19. As one, ENBLOC; 20. D.M.V. offerings, EYE TESTS; 21. Peace Nobelist Kim DAE-jung; 22. Crispy Twister offered, KFC; 24. Peace Nobelist DAG Hammarskjöld; 25. Papua New Guinea port in W.W. II news, LAE; 28. “That’s nice”, AAH; 30. Dept. of Labor division, OSHA; 34. Unit of online popularity, TWITTER FOLLOWER; 39. “Almost there!”, ONE TO GO; 40. Nice thing to hit, PAYDIRT; 41. First card played in the game parliament, SEVEN OF DIAMONDS; 43. British submacine gun, STEN; 44. Bog, FEN; 45. Grade sch. Class, ENG; 46. Badge holder: Abbr., DET; 49. Back, AGO; 51. Ermine, e.g., FUR; 54. Kind of cable in TV production, TRIAXIAL; 58. Actress WINONA Ryder; 61. Oscar-nominated Woody Allen film, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS; 63. Mythological sister of 66-Across, ELECTRA; 64. Regardless of, DESPITE; 65. Formidable foes, NEMESES; 66. Mythological brother of 63-Across, ORESTES.

Electra at the Tomb of Agamemnon, c. 1869
Frederic Leighton

Down — 1. Went off course, as a ship, YAWED; 2. One of Chekhov’s “Three Sisters”, IRINA; 3. Not accept, DISBELIEVE; 4. Children’s author who created Miss Brunchbull, DAHL; 5. Scoop contents, INFO; 6. Approached slyly, with “up”, SNUCK; 7. 1968 space movie villain, HAL; 8. D.W. Griffith’s “A CRY for Help”; 9. “Yeah, you got me”, I LIED; 10. RENT-A-Car; 11. Fulfill, MAKE GOOD ON; 12. Spanish liqueur, ANIS; 13. “ISN’T it?”; 14. Staying power, LEGS; 18. Cappuccino choice, DECAF; 23. Not soon at all, FAR OFF; 26. Who’s there, ATTENDANCE; 27. ETON blue (color named for a school); 29. HOPING for the best; 31. Be hanged after a crime, SWING FOR IT; 32. Throng, HERD; 33. Fine things?, ARTS; 34. Chuck, TOSS; 35. N.Y.C.’s PBS station, WNET; 36. Big head, EGO; 37. A.L. West team, on scoreboards, LAA; 38. LYME disease; 42. Passed out, DEALT; 47. Stage directions, EXITS; 48. Feline in un jardin zoologique, TIGRE; 50. Major League Baseball V.I.P., OWNER; 52. Merge, UNITE; 53. Demolishes, in Devon, RASES; 54. Govt. gangbusters, T-MEN; 55. Put out, RILE; 56. Ditto, in footnotes, IDEM; 57. Pupil reactions, AHAS; 59. IPSE dixit; 60. Short breaks, of a sort, NAPS; 62. It may be said with a raised hand, I DO.



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