02.14.14 — Love Conquers All

Friday, February 14, 2014  Valentine's Day 

Puzzle by Bruce Haight / Edited by Will Shortz

LOVE CONQUERS ALL crossing POPS THE QUESTION is the main feature of this Valentine's Day Friday crossword:

Across — 1. Bivouac, maybe, ARMY CAMP; 9. Presses, URGES; 14. Classic parental advice to bored children, READ A BOOK; 16. Needle, TAUNT; 17. Line of suits?, PIN STRIPE; 18. 1970s NBC courtroom drama, THE D A; 19. Tacoma-to-Spokane dir., ENE 20. Lupin of fiction, ARSENE; 22. Scheming, SLY; 23. LADY’S finger; 26. Bond phrase, AT PAR; 27. 20-Across, e.g., informally, TEC; 28. Gramps, to Günter, OPA; 30. Wise, HIP; 31. Standard offspring, ESSO; 32. Wordsworth or Coleridge, LAKE POET; 35. String bean’s opposite, FATSO; 36. Phrase from Virgil appropriate for Valentine’s day, LOVE CONQUERS ALL; 38. Favorites, IDOLS; 39. Handy work in a theater?, PUPPETRY; 40. Gifts of flowers, LEIS; 41. Carly RAE Jepsen, singer with the 2012 album “Kiss”; 42. Yamaguchi’s 1992 Olympics rival, ITO; 43. Agent of psychedelic therapy, LSD; 44. Unhinged, NUTSO; 48. Pig leader?, SNOUT; 50. Spanish name suffix, ITA; 51. Dr. Seuss title character, YERTLE; 53. Liquor letters, VSO; 54. PONTE Vedra Beach, Fla.; 58. Entrepreneur who’s well-supplied?, OIL TYCOON; 59. Full length, UNCUT; 60. Going nowhere, LOITERING; 61. Cold forecast, TEENS; 62. “Clever thinking!”, NEAT IDEA.

Down — 1. Adrian of cosmetics, ARPEL; 2. Valuable chess piece, to Juan Carlos, REINA; 3. Like horses, MANED; 4. P.G.A. stat, YDS; 5. Cool CAT; 6. Magical opener, ABRA; 7. Fate personified, in mythology, MOIRA; 8. Delivers a romantic Valentine’s Day surprise, maybe, POPS THE QUESTION; 9. Total, UTTER; 10. Root word?, RAH; 11. TV listings info, GUEST STAR; 12. Forever, ENDLESSLY; 13. Informal goodbye, STAY COOL; 15. “Don’t stop now!”, KEEP IT UP; 21. Quiet break, NAP; 24. Sticks figures?, YOKELS; 25. Building materials?, SPECS; 29. Base letters, APO; 31. Home of Lafayette College, EASTON; 32. It was used to make the first compass, LODESTONE; 33. Dodger’s talent, AVOIDANCE; 34. Policing an area, ON PATROL; 35. Broods, FRETS; 36. Fictional island with a small population, LILLIPUT; 37. Prefix with -graph, EPI; 41. Paris’s RUE La Fayette; 44. Some U.N. votes, NYETS; 45. Skateboarding trick used to leap over obstacles, OLLIE; 47. Like Humpty Dumpty, OVOID; 48. Me.-to-Fla. Route, U S ONE; 49. The Friendly Islands, TONGA; 52. First name in blues, ETTA; 55. Wine container, TUN; 57. “All the same ..”, YET; 58. CRI de guerre.


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