02.10.14 — REC Center

Gymnasium of an unidentified school in Scotland 
run by the Edinburgh Merchant Company around 1900.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Puzzle by Carolyn W. Stewart / Edited by Will Shortz

REC CENTER (62A. Gym locale … or feature of 17-, 24-, 38- and 50-Across), along with SCORECARD (17A. Item accompanying a pencil in miniature golf), SPARE CASH (24A. Money available for nonessentials), CREATURE COMFORT (38A. Food, warmth or a cozy bed) and SCARECROW (50A. Stuffed figure in a cornfield), constitute the interrelated group of this perfectly pleasant Monday crossword.

Other — ADORABLE (39D. So darned cute), ALASKA and ALEUT (58A. The Last Frontier state; 57A. Native of 58-Across), ASTER and AZALEA (54D. Fall bloomer; 9D. Red or pink bloom), AUTOS and KOREAN (25D. Hyundai and Kia; 4D. Like Hyundais or Kias), KAHUNA (30A. Hawaiian medicine man), LEND A / HAND (33D. With 42-Across, help out)), SCREW (36D. Item in the hardware department with a “+“ or “-“ on its head), SOUS-CHEF (10D. Second-in-command in a kitchen), YABBA (59A. Beginning of a Flintstones cry), ZOOMS (16A. Goes like a racecar).


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