02.16.14 — Passing Grades

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother by Edmund Dulac, 1912


Sunday, February 16, 2014

“Passing Grades” — Puzzle by Yaakov Bendavid
Edited by Will Shortz

Substituting the letter D for the letter F in common phrases to form an uncommon one constitutes the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword:

DAIRY GODMOTHER (23A. One who turned Cinderella’s pumpkin into pumpkin cheesecake?)
TWO DIVES FOR A TEN 49A. Snorkeling bargain?)
NO DRILLS AIRLINE (77A. Transportation company that skimps on safety?)
SCIENCE DICTION (105A. Stephen Hawking’s computer generated voice?)
DISH AND CHIPS (15D. Two things seen beside James Bond at a casino?)
DARE INCREASE (58D. “Oh yeah? Let’s see you hold your breath for TWO minutes!,” e.g.?)

Other — AGITATING (34D. Starting trouble), BED OF ROSES (7D. Comfortable state), BLONDE ALE (100A. Duvel pub offering), JOB SEARCH (52D. Use for a résumé), LEFT SIDES (19A.Ports), LOVE NEST (35D. Tryst site), MOLESKIN and MOHAIR, MUSCLE CELL (68D. Myocyte), ORANGE OIL (43D. Insect repellent ingredient), OXIDANTS (57A. Rust-causing agents), SPIRALED (89A. Corkscrewed), VARIANTS (32A. Iglu and yoghurt, e.g.).


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