02.28.14 — Spelunking


Friday, February 28, 2014

Puzzle by Martin Ashwood-Smith / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Modern-day locale of Nineveh, IRAQ; 5. People down under?, CAVERS; 11. Exceeds the speed limit?, ODS; 14. Exceed the speed limit, maybe, RACE; 15. Company with an Energy Boost line, ADIDAS; 16. Minim, JOT; 17. Terse admission, I DID; 18. It’ll keep a roof over your head, LIVING WAGE; 20. Fall, in a way, SIN; 21. Like a good lookout, ALERT; 22. Bouillabaisse seasoning, THYME; 23. They soar at the opera, HIGH NOTES; 25. When to do a pressing job, ASAP; 26. Mitochondrion-made material, briefly, ATP; 27. Back, to a shellback, AFT; 28. Investments since 1975, TRADITIONAL IRAS; 38. What a tropical tourist definitely doesn’t want to bring home, MALARIA PARASITE; 39. It helps you let go, EMOTIONAL OUTLET; 40. Many of them play at the Olympics, NATIONAL ANTHEMS; 41. Some Windows systems, NTS; 42. Shakespeare sonnet mentioning Philomel’s mournful hymns, CII; 43. Title for Liszt, ABBE; 46. Gigantic, TEXAS SIZE; 52. Text, with Numbers, TORAH; 54. Patent, OVERT; 55. Carlito’s way, VIA; 56. Street view, STOREFRONT; 58. First name in popular shorts, WALT; 59. Bond bit, ION; 60. Coors Field player, ROCKIE; 61. Alost never, ONCE; 62. Really dirty, XXX; 63. Try again, REHEAR; 64. Salk Institute architect Louis KAHN.


Down — 1. From Galway, say, IRISH; 2. Cuts into a pizza, often, RADII; 3. Sailing through, ACING; 4. Last thing seen by a proof reader?, QED; 5. Some Wall Street contracts, CALL OPTIONS; 6. Go on A DIET; 7. Exist abroad?, VIVRE; 8. Applies polish to?, EDITS; 9. Flew, RAN; 10. Squad cmdr., S SGT; 11. R&B group with the 1972 hit “Back Stabbers,” with “the”, O’JAYS; 12. Proselytizers push it, DOGMA; 13. Pickle, e.g., STEEP; 19. Finder’s query, WHAT IS THIS; 21. Like some helmets and shields, ANTI-RIOT; 24. Couldn’t hit pitches, HAD A TIN EAR; 27. Singer who’s a Backstreet Boy’s brother, AARON CARTER; 28. Sir James Galway, e.g., FLAUTIST; 29. Dodgers’ foes, T-MEN; 30. Hindu hero, RAMA; 31. Legions, A LOT; 32. Suffix with Edward, I ANA; 33. It’s around 6 on the Mohs scale, OPAL; 34. “The Lion King” lion, NALA; 35. Get to, RILE; 38. “Let me AT ‘EM!”; 37. Philatelic goals, SETS; 43. When the first dogwatch ends, AT SIX; 44. It’s not a cheap shot, BOTOX; 45. Bombers’ locale, BRONX; 46. Spelunker’s aid, TORCH; 47. Conjure, EVOKE; 48. City with major avenues named Cincinnati and Columbus, XENIA; 49. First name among socialites, IVANA; 50. It means nothing, ZILCH; 51. All gone, EATEN; 53. Mann’s man, HERR; 57. Ill-wisher, FOE; 58. Thai pan, WOK.


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