02.19.14 — Sir Yes Sir


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Puzzle by Michael Dewey / Edited by Will Shortz

SIR / YES / SIR (11D. With 39-Across and 58-Down, response to a military command), FORWARD MARCH (20A. Overly bold member of the “Little Women” family?), COMPANY HALT (29A. Result of bankruptcy?), PRESENT ARMS (44A. What blood donors do?) and READY AIM FIRE (51A. Motivational words for a boss at layoff time?) constitute the interrelated group of this orderly Wednesday crossword.

Other — DIPHTHONG (9D. “Oy” or “ow”), HIPPOS (34A. “Hungry hungry” game creatures), IMPIETY (43D. Ungodly display), KNEADS (42D. Works, as dough), PRESORTED (35D. Like much media mail), SARONG (15D. Tahitian garb), THERMOS (5D. Lunchbox accessory).


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