02.07.14 — The Friday Crossword

Artist’s rendition of Arctuus


Friday, February 7, 2014

Puzzle by Ned White / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Drill command to rifle carriers, PRESENT ARMS; 12. Bit of nonsense famously replacing “strangers in the night”), DOO BE DOO BE DOO; 14 1979 Abba single, GIMME GIMME GIMME; 16. Emblem of a pharaoh, ASP; 17. Hooey, ROT; 18 Show with an early episode titled “Crate ‘n Burial”, CSI; 19. Dragon roll ingredient, EEL; 20. Like grade skippers, smart; 22. N.Y.C. based grp. With its own police department, MTA; 24. Potential fire hazard, SHORT; 26. Philatelic collectible, PANE; 27. Littermates compete for them, TEATS; 29. Not had by, ONTO; 30. Sty chore, SLOPPING; 32. Like Lesbos and Lemnos, AEGEAN; 34. Patriotic chant, USA USA USA; 36. Synthetic fiber used in bicycle tires and bulletproof vests, KEVLAR; 39. Fourth-brightest star in the sky, ARCTURUS; 43. Big Green rivals, ELIS; 44. John P. Marquand’s “The Late George APLEY”; 48. Family name in “Look Homeward, Angel”, GANT; 47. Part of a U.S. president’s name that’s Dutch for “Neighbors”, BUREN; 49. Something one might hang in a street, UEY; 50. Davis of the screen, BETTE; 51. Nabokov heroine, ADA; 52. Throughout, in verse, OER; 54. Suffix of saccharine, OSE; 56. Prefix of saccharine, TRI; 57. Is guilty of petitio principli, BEGS THE QUESTION; 61. Got a +2 on, DOUBLE BOGEYED; 62. 500m or 5,000m competitor, say, SPEED SKATER.

Down — 1. Florida food fish, POMPANO; 2. Permanent data storer, ROM; 3. “Your Movie Sucks” author, EBERT; 4. One of Utah’s state symbols, SEGO; 5. Paste holder?, EDIT MENU; 6. Passeport detail, NOM; 7. I helps produce a kitty, TOMCAT; 8. Fivers, ABES; 9. Longtime first name in TV talk, REGIS; 10. Century-starting year, MDI; 11. Nobody’s opposite, SOMEONE; 12. Wretched, DISMAL; 13. Code broken by some singers, OMERTA; 14. Startled reactions, GASPS; 15. John with an Oscar and a Tony, ELTON; 21. Turn off a lot, REPULSE; 23. Solution for toys in the attic?, TAG SALE; 25. Common standard for model railroads, HO GAUGE; 27. Twinkling topper, TIARA; 28. Flip, SAUCY; 31. Spot that may be on the environment, briefly, PSA; 33. Fig. that’s in the neighborhood, EST; 35. Query after a wipeout, ARE YOU OK; 36. Food stuck in preparation, KEBAB; 37. Lost, ELUDED; 38. Witchy women, VIRAGOS; 40. Worse for wear?, RATTIER; 41. Not printed up?, UNTROD; 42. Container for a round, STEIN; 45. Like much baby food, PUREED; 48. “I would NOT BE surprised”; 50. Plague, BESET; 53. Actress Jennifer EHLE of “Pride and Prejudice”; 56. Sonic creator, SEGA; 58. More than nibble, SUP; 59. Snap targets, for short, QBS; 60. Mooring rope, TYE.


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Anonymous said...

MDI is the second year of the century beginning with the year MD.

A tye is a rope used on a ship but a mooring line is called a hawser.