02.23.14 — Puzzle by a Namesake

Victor Fleming


Sunday, February 23, 2014

“Reel-life Anniversary”Puzzle by a Namesake of 119-Across 
Edited by Will Shortz

VICTOR FLEMING (119A. Director of the eight starred films in this puzzle, who was born on 2/23/1889), 125 years ago to the day, is the “honoree” and also the “namesake”, e.g., the constructor, of this extraordinary Sunday crossword, along with the titles of eight films by the director:

THE WIZARD OF OZ (24A. *1939 Judy Garland film)
BOMBSHELL (37A. *1933 Jean Harlow film)
A GUY NAMED JOE (54A. *1943 Spencer Tracy/Irene Dunne film)
GONE WITH THE WIND (68A. *1939 Vivien Leigh/Clark Gable film)
TORTILLA FLAT (89A. *1942 Spencer Tracy/Hedy Lamarr film)
JOAN OF ARC (103A. *1948 Ingrid Bergman film)
RED DUST (5D. *1932 Clark Gable/Jean Harlow film)
LORD JIM (98D. *1925 Percy Marmont film)

Other — ALITO and ROBERTS (1A and 10A. Bush judicial appointee). ENACT and L A LAW (47A. Pass; 46D. 1980s-’90s series based on the fictional firm McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak), LOOSE ENDS (16D. Things that should be tied up by the curtain?), SCOTTIES and SHEEPDOG (57D. Wiry-coated terriers; 10D. What Babe wants to be in “Babe“), SOLIPSIST (60A. Self-absorbed sort), STUDENT ID (83D. Means of access to a cafeteria, maybe).


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