02.21.14 — Machinations


Friday, February 21, 2014

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Crafty clues are the main feature of this Friday crossword.

Across — 1. Freight hopper, TRAMP; 6. Much-hailed group, CABS; 10. Pretreater target, SPOT; 14. Slab strengthener, REBAR; 15. Days long gone, YORE; 16. End of an Asian capital’s name, PENH; 17. Queen’s Chapel designer INIGO Jones; 18. Stamp act?, CLOG DANCE; 20. Like some unhealthy relationships, OEDIPAL; 22. Not so normal, WEIRDER; 23. Be cognizant of, SEE; 24. Lamebrain, CLOD; 26. Certain letter attachment, RESUME; 27. Unpleasantly surprised, JOLTED; 29. LOS Altos, Calif.; 30. Provider of early projections, CAMERA OBSCURA; 34. Catchphrase that encourages extravagance, GO BIG OR GO HOME; 35. Sky hooks?, CRESCENT MOONS; 36. “HE’D fly through the air with the greatest of ease”; 37. DQ offerings, SHAKES; 38. Worker who handles your case?, REDCAP; 42. Originate, STEM; 43. With this, you’ll probably manage, MBA; 46. Squared away, IN ORDER; 48. Panhandler, of a sort?, IDAHOAN; 50. They run out of clothing, STREAKERS; 52. Stand, KIOSK; 53. Fill-in, TEMP; 54. It would “make other cars seem ordinary,” per ads, EDSEL; 56. Brewery apparatus, OAST; 57. Breaks down, SOBS; 58. Teammate of Robinson, REESE.

Louis Bouwmeester as Oedipus in a Dutch production of Oedipus the King c. 1896.

Down — 1. Many folk bands, TRIOS; 2. Girl’s name that means “born again”, RENEE; 3. Stand, ABIDE; 4. Holiday travelers?, MAGI; 5. One with a thing for laughter?, PROP COMIC; 6. Spiral-shaped particle accelerators, CYCLOTRONS; 7. 1998 purchaser of Netscape, AOL; 8. Head piece?, BROW; 9. Bob in the Songwriters Hall of Fame, SEGER; 10. Bandies words, SPARS; 11. Swingers, PENDULUMS; 12. Another time, ONCE MORE; 13. 18th-century Hapsburg monarch Maria THERESA; 19. Las Vegas block?, DIE; 21. Put forward, ALLEGE; 25. Needs, DEARTHS; 27. Snarky comments, JABS; 28. Overbearing types, DOGMATISTS; 30. Buildings often segregated by floor, CO-ED DORMS; 31. Reserved, BOOKED; 32. Worker also known as a cordwainer, SHOEMAKER; 33. Scams, CONS; 34. Leaves from the Orient, GREEN TEA; 35. Big name in outdoor art, CHRISTO; 39. Made slow progress, CREPT; 40. Nabokov’s longest novel, ADA; 41. Furry toys, PEKES; 43 Canadian ranger, MOOSE; 44. Rounded items?, BASES; 45. Tarsus location, ANKLE; 47 Change, REDO; 49. Get behind something, HIDE; 51. Lightly tease, RIB.


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That wasn't real was it? Those nodal points... nah, couldn't be.